November 17th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

News that blames you for the death of its mother

On that subject: MUST... HAVE... MORE... SKIP BEAT!

Man on trial for hitting a turkey on his way to anger management class. He'd have a much easier time fighting the charges if he were on his way home. But I'll testify as an expert for the defense... I've seen the suicidal nature of turkeys and their love for hiding in the bushes and darting in front of cars at the last minute. It's almost impossible NOT to hit one.

A student's family shows up at school armed with knives and box cutters to defend him from a bully. They're facing criminal charges for it, but I bet that bully won't be messing with that kid anymore.

Horse headbutts realtor into tree. We've all wanted to do that, but only a horse can get away with it.

Courtroom spectators beat up murder suspect. It wasn't even their case - the guy's wanted for more than one set of murders.

Indonesian voodooien tries to curse President Bush. Apparently, it failed. But what's the point in doing that now? He's been President for six years, and he's only got two left!

A juror is overheard saying that he hopes the defendant will be convicted quickly so they can go home. Or did someone not like the way the trial was going and want to get it postponed.

Advertisements for Burger King's XXL burgers offend obesity-conscious Spaniards. Like that guy said in Bullshit, "Just stop eating so damn much!"

A surprising study result: Most of the content on the Internet is not porn. I doubt that will convince anyone of anything, though. For most people, one side-boob in existence anywhere is too much porn. I think those people also have private collections that they just don't tell anyone about.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Bridge: We couldn't quite recover from a contract that would have been makeable but for the 4-0 trump split. Even 3-1 would have been enough. Off two doubled hurt us.

Today's Dinner: Curt picked up his in-car GPS today, so picking from the list of preset destinations, he picked La Torre. Tonight, the place was busy, so we got to see it in a real-life situation. It did pretty well. The waiter missed or ignored Curt's "no tomatoes" order, but the manager came out and quickly replaced the order, asking Curt if he still wanted the rice that was cooked with a tomato base. When the waiter filled Curt's glass with regular Coke instead of diet, he got a replacement right away. Pretty good handling of absentminded service there. I had something that I can't remember the name of... thin tortillas with chicken and jalapeños, served with lettuce, tomato, and sour cream. I also ordered a sopapilla for dessert, and although it was flat rather than a pocket and was prepared with honey and cinnamon already, it was pretty good.

Today's Ookami: No new brush strokes, but I accumulated enough Praise to buy a second food bag. I used the contents of the one I had against Waka and figured I could probably stand to have a second one. I hate Waka. There are still a few things I haven't figured out how to interact with, but I'll either figure those out later or skip them. And I still couldn't roll that damn thing up the hill. I don't think even 1000 Praise would be worth the effort... and it's likely enough to be a mere 10. Maybe I can find something later that will help.

I need to shave this weekend.