November 14th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

News that will turn your heart black

If a couple refuse to stop having disrupting relations on a flight, is it sexual terrorism? Seems to me like the word "terrorism" can mean almost anything these days.

This guy's police scanner deflected a bullet. And now that the shooter knows he's alive, he'll probably aim the next shot more carefully.

Jail officers let an inmate streak the cell block for pie. Then they get fired. I wonder if they actually gave him any pie.

Idiot tries to rob a quick-drawing car salesman. I bet that's even part of his commercial. Not QUITE as stupid as the moron who tried to rob a gun store while a cop was inside, with his marked police car out front, but still stupid enough to leave his license behind in his haste to run away, probably to fetch a clean pair of pants.

Those urinals shaped like women's mouths in Vienna auctioned for over $7000. But they're still in Austria, so the politicos have a new target to go after, if they can find him/her. (And I hope it's a woman... I'd love to see people call her sexist.)

Australian scientists invent the "air guitar" T-shirt. It's the first step toward the utopia first envisioned in "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure". Next up: the "air piano turtleneck".

The Kansas City Police Department removes the pink from its cells. It didn't seem to pacify the inmates, but it sure pissed off the employees. And who knows what pissed off employees might do... make inmates walk around naked for pie?

Hunter dies from fall from bed onto chair. While he gave up such amenities as phones and proximity to quick health care in his bid to get close to nature, ironically, his inability to give up ornate yet sharp furniture was his downfall.

Woman tries to pass $20 bill with only one printed side. If that weren't stupid enough, what she tried to buy with the bill was cigarettes... a purchase requiring ID. She didn't leave it behind, but the cashier had plenty of time to copy down the important information,
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Okay, Fox has taken the piss. Unable to compete with Heroes, they've now got an O.J. Simpson interview planned for that time slot. "If I Did It, Here's How It Happened." Who are they fooling? And who are they trying to fool? Talk shows score in the early afternoon, not late evening. Or did they get ratings with the Michael Jackson interview? Just give it up, Fox, abandon the time slot, air reruns of something really crappy like The Simple Life, and get back to solid lineups like Tuesday night and shows like Wonderfalls and John Doe that were worth watching before you forgot to give them a chance.

Today's Bridge: After five hands of crap, including one that was just short of making the contract we'd bid (Kelly was a little weak to be bidding up), I finally managed to pull a 4S Dbl out of my ass to win the second rubber. And it really was out of my ass. I got incredibly lucky with heart finesses and the opening diamond lead. For those following along at home, Collapse )

I'm sad. I want to write another story like 52 Curses, but I just don't have the inspiration. I don't know if anything will ever live up to that standard. I need to become emotionally attached to something like I was to Cardcaptor Sakura... but what? Wedding Peach? Sugar Sugar Rune? Fullmetal Alchemist? Petite Princess Yucie? Brigadoon? I laugh in the face of my lack of inspiration. I guess there's always GTP.

I've been staying at work late and watching TV in the evenings, so there's no gaming to talk about. I really wanted to play something, but neither Dark Cloud appealed to me at the time, and there's not much else I could play without diverting attention from some very different episodes of Standoff and House. I might play something after my shower... Ookami, probably. This isn't so much my life getting boring as shifting to things not worth talking about and working on the Harry Potter MST, which I'd love to publish some lines from but won't.