November 3rd, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

News that anticipates your movements

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Today's MDN: Akihabara gets its first public restroom. True, you have to pay to use it, but it's fully-staffed and has lots of neat features, including pre-warmed seats. It might even be a good place to take that maid you've been stalking.

Teen points BB pistol at undercover cops on Halloween. Let me make this much clear: The headline says he pointed it at the "wrong car". There is no "right car".

A bomb squad from Oslo flies across Norway to investigate a bomb prop from a Halloween costume. What's with all the people dressing up as terrorists?

Man posts his own sex offender registry photo on an unregistered MySpace profile. It's sort of like a fugitive posting a Google Map of his location.

Woman steals campaign signs. Has anyone, anywhere, EVER been positively influenced by a campaign sign? Sometimes I see a campaign sign and think "I don't want to vote for someone who endorses such a stupid sign," or "I wish that sign weren't blocking my view around this corner," but I don't really care who supports what candidate. People feel as much devotion to their campaign signs as they do to their flags and their religious decorations. I think it's sad that we as a country need symbols in order to believe in our ideals. What ever happened to believing in freedom? Do we honestly need a piece of cloth as a visual aid? "See that, son? That's what freedom looks like. Stars and stripes." "But freedom is an incorporeal concept representing an individual's right to perform certain actions without legal penalty. It doesn't 'look like' anything!" "... Go to your room, you pinko Commie bastard." Or is it more of a "If I don't have a sign on my lawn, my candidate will lose the election! I have the power to swing the results, and I have to use it!" *sigh* So few elections actually hinge on a single vote...

Man is arrested for cutting a racial slur into tall grass. You know, after last paragraph's rant, I think I've said enough about this subject. Let's just say he'd have been better off making a maze or something.

A school bus driver fired for giving Baby Bush the finger is fighting to get her job back. The school board says she was a bad role model, but let's think about it. She gave the finger in view of the students, which is a bad example, but she also gave it in view of President Bush, which passes an anti-Bush message to the kids. Doesn't that even out?
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Bridge: Dan and Steve bid so many contracts they couldn't make that my side won without ever bidding a contract at all.

Today's Work: I finished the course at last, but I didn't get to make that call to the insurance company. I had a nagging feeling that I didn't have all the bills yet, and sure enough, I got another one today. It's not much, but I want reimbursement for the whole amount, dammit!

Today's Dinner: Bob Evans. The service may not have been quite bad_service bad, but... you know how, when you call tech support, it takes them forever to pick up, they run through a script that makes it obvious that they don't know what they're doing and don't care whether they fix the problem or not, and then put you on hold until someone else can come along and get it right? That's how the service felt. She heard that there was a birthday at the next table and INSISTED (about half a dozen times, give or take) that everyone sing "Happy Birthday". And after we'd been waiting forever to order, she took our drink orders and vanished for a while, when we were more than ready to place our food orders and get that started. She never brought a refill - some other server always caught Curt's glass empty and brought a new one. And I had to remind her to get me a straw as she'd promised when she brought my salad. It's not that she wasn't trying... it's just that she spent her time taking way too long or being around and creeping me out with what enthusiasm she had. I don't know whether I stiffed her or not, but I left the lowest tip I've left in my recollection - not even the BW3 servers have ever gotten less than 15%. This was only a few cents short, but when I usually hate to leave less than 20%... that's small.

Today's Dark Cloud: Still no sign of a spear. I'm pretty sure they exist, but the game will have a hard time convincing me of that. Toan's Drain Seeker should only be about one upgrade short of Dark Cloud, and Ruby needs about three or four to make a Goddess Ring. It takes more Holy to make that than you'd believe. Goro's close to evolving the Battle Ax, but I don't really know quite how close. I've been fishing for Baron Garayan during the brief window when it appears each day, so I managed to accumulate about 3200 Fishing Points... good thing this isn't Legend of Legaia. I'm getting close to the point where I'll just blunder my way through Ungaga's level with the default spear and if I ever find a spear for him, so be it.