October 27th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

News that beats people up for no discernible reason

Cub Scouts' parade truck catches fire. Now if only they could do that while camping....

The sentence for the teacher's aide who put on a strip show for students: nine years in prison, plus four years of probation, and her own entry in the sex offender registry. She gets to keep the dollar bills in her underwear, though.

School sends three girls home for dressing up as Captain Underpants. Now, tell me if I'm the only one who sees the irony in having a "Superhero Day" and at the same time forbidding costumes that include visible underwear.

You know, the latest trends in frying foods are disturbing to many. We fry everything from vegetables to candy bars. Next thing you know, we'll be frying our soft drinks! Whoops, too late. Someone's already selling fried Coke. Yes, fried Coke. He does it by making dough out of Coke syrup and frying that. So what about fried root beer?

A U.S. sex offender serving exile in Canada was arrested by the border guards. Is this a sign that the U.S. has hotter underaged girls than Canada? Score one for south of the border!

Soccer coach banned over "ball boy" incident. Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with sex - he threw a ball at a ball boy who wasn't at his position. Naturally, a riot broke out, but that's just soccer.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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jeffholton and lurkerdrome share a birthday tomorrow. An unlikelier pair... well, I could probably think of a few.

Today's Bridge: We had enough to play. We managed to work our way up to a tie going into the last hand, but after that, we lost in the final hand. Dan bid 2S, and Steve went to 2NT, which we didn't make. I figured they'd be off one in 2S, but we'd have had to play it just right. Low-level trump contracts can be tough to set.

Today's DAWIA: Even more fascinating stuff about just how difficult it is to move money from place to place, once it's finally made it through all the Congressional committees that have to approve a budget before it becomes a law. And instantiating the project in the first place... it all makes sense when I think about it, and demonstrates a definite will to plan carefully on the part of the Government. It just seems like making all the decisions at the high, abstract level makes things tougher for people in my position. But at least now I understand WHY. So while most of the stuff I'm learning won't directly apply to me for another five promotions or so, it could be helpful to know it just to understand what's going on above my level that affects me.

Today's Dead Rising: Another disc failure, predictably, but I'm saving as often as I can. So far, I know of two people I haven't managed to save... Leah, and one of the four women in the clothing store who died during the battle. That's the problem with swinging a chainsaw haphazardly - it hits everything. Oh well. Plenty more stuff to do. And this time, I think I'll stay up for SNL with Hugh Laurie. At least part of it.