October 25th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

Hermess Designer News

California pranksters run a shopping cart up a flagpole and break a woman's neck. There are some necks I'd like to see broken over that one.

The high school principal who gave a student a wedgie returns to work. This time around, it's more of a feel-good story... he was just trying to fit in. Some people deserve second chances.

Kid crawls into vending machine to get a stuffed Spongebob and gets stuck. I KNEW that poriferan was dangerous! But nobody listened to me, did they?

A surveillance camera catches a sanitation agent littering in front of a restaurant so he can write them a ticket. It's at least the third time he's done it. They are sad but inevitable times when we have to protect ourselves from the people we trust to protect us.

A jailer is fired for shooting an inmate with a toy gun. In other news, a foam rubber Mega Buster toy proves to be mostly ineffective against zombies.

A tree is not a good place to hide from police. This will be listed in the new book, "Don't Swallow Anything Bigger Than Your Head (and other things you need to know)".

College kid dies in an elevator accident because he can't say "I'll take the next one." Surely, if the elevator load was that over capacity, there would have been a beep or something.

Football dad pulls gun on coach to get his son more playing time. Now his son can play in the prison yard with Bubba during visitation hours.

U.S. Customs cracks down on Vegemite. New signs of a terrorist threat? Look out, DHS! The terrorists are armed with sandwich spread!

California porn star pulls out of gubernatorial race to be with her schizophrenic mother. I guess the porn industry just isn't turning out as many political boobsminds as they hoped.

This old guy beat up four muggers. This one beat up two carjackers. Old people unite for the common good!

Naked guy gets stuck in the window of an apartment he was trying to rob. He claimed he was forced into it at gunpoint, but that sounds a little farfetched to me. If I were pointing a gun at a naked man, I expect my first command would be to put some clothes on.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Ooh! Tomorrow is lilman1520's birthday! I have no idea what he plans to do, but I bet it'll be fun.

Today's Bridge: We had exactly four today, so I got to play. It didn't go so well for us at first, but I managed to bid us a 4H contract that made 6, so we finished nicely ahead.

Today's Enchanted Arms: I earned enough TB to buy a few Golem Cores, and I found one as well, so I've got lots of Golems in my party now. Now I feel like I need to build them all up, because the weak ones start out with barely enough HP, and they don't earn SP to boost their stats unless they fight. Right now, though, I think Rio Mimosa and Guardian Knight are plenty. I can put anyone else in (I'm still using Primrose for now), and I'm keeping Atsuma because he's the real power behind the team. The disc is still having read errors every so often, which annoys me, so I'll try to remember to bring in the head cleaning CD tomorrow and run that through the system.

I signed up for my first DAWIA course today. This means bringing my headphones to work so I can listen to the sound (if any) without bothering everyone around me. Only two classes until I either get my level 1 certification or get screwed out of it when they change the requirements again. I've got even money on each.

Dinner at Upland tonight... I went with the duck special even though the portion promised to be small, because the sauces sounded interesting. The high point of the meal, though, was the delicious clam chowder. I have no idea how they spiced it, but it was the best I've ever had by far. It may have been the tiny chunks of potato, but I don't think that accounted for all of it. I also decided that, someday, I must try Manhattan clam chowder. I expect to be a bit disappointed, but I still want to know for sure. Also, with only three desserts on their menu, Upland was out of the spirit to make one (the only one Curt could eat) and only had three of the one I ordered... what's up with that? Don't they want to sell food?

I've got Hare Nochi Guu to watch.