October 24th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

The newsiest news in my livejournal

Beer keg thrown into burning barrel explodes and kills. Yes... beer kills people. Just not always because of their drinking.

An Alabama gubernatorial candidate is focusing on her body rather than her issues in her campaign. Sadly, she would need to move much further north for those tactics to work - very sadly, since it looks to me like a solid platform with some great values, including opting out of No Child Gets Ahead, the Privacy Invasion Act, and Real ID.

Bonobo pulls a fire alarm in Des Moines. I don't see PETA insisting on criminal proceedings here... keep up that double standard, guys.

Belgian celebrates his release from jail with eight robberies. There should be no forgiveness for blowing a second chance like that.

German serving life sentence refuses to leave jail when invited. This is the sort of thing we need to see more of.

Prisoners in Ivory Coast fall in love and get married while in prison. Sounds like a storyline for Prison Break.

Chilean taxi driver dresses up his cab like a cow and finds big business. The cow thing was just to attract attention to make him harder to rob. But once more cows show up on the road, it won't attract as much attention anymore, and he'll have to switch animals.

Bosnian who bet his house on an election refuses to honor the bet. And this is after the winner agreed to let him keep the house and just pay the monetary portion of the bet, which is the difference between the values of their houses. Apparently, the loser thinks their contract includes an "unless I lose" clause.

Ever been to Paris and discovered that the city isn't as paradisical as you thought? Yeah, we all have. But it drives the Japanese crazy... literally.

A brief rundown of the X Games in Las Cruces, which I could have attended had I been in New Mexico this past weekend. I heard about it on the radio while I was there, and my path took me pretty close to Las Cruces.

German driver "turns right here" and crashes into a toilet. Navigational systems are for people who have trouble finding their way. For people who can't figure out how to follow the navigational computer, there are buses. "Flush yourself down... now."
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Paul either doesn't want it known that he made a 3NT contract today at lunch, or doesn't want it known that he was surprised by it. He doesn't like playing notrump contracts.

But I figured I'd mention a few quotes while I'm making an entry. There was some talk at lunch about which side of town landmarks like Old S.R. 37 are on, and it reminded me of a line from an Oz book, when a sawhorse has been brought to life, fallen over because it can't walk on non-jointed legs, and been righted:
"What happened to me? I was disoriented."
"You were upside down. I turned you right side up again."
"How many sides have I?"

And then I thought of this one that probably hasn't appeared anywhere, although I know the idea's been used:
"I'm the 'one' who does all the things one is said to do. I work for the organization which says all the things 'they' say."
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Bridge: Paul misplayed a 3NT twice and blew it, but then he made one with an overtrick after the rubber was over. I didn't get to declare any hands at all. So much for my free ace.

Today's DC2: I finished Jak and got back to Dark Cloud 2. I didn't evolve any of my main weapons, or even really power them up at all. I was just beating a few levels and raising money for elemental crystals.

I came up with a new idea that I want to try my next time through Dead Rising... I may just end my current game and start a new one. I'm not getting anywhere.

It was all Dinosaurs today, really. Nothing good on TV, nothing happening online that sees fit to include me... so I've got lots of options before bed. Dead Rising and Elemental Arms both have their appeal. I think I'll stick with Elemental Arms for now, since it's easier to save at any time, and I want to watch more Wedding Peach tonight. Next up will be Hare Nochi Guu, obviously, and then who knows?