October 18th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

In Ur Mesopotamia, delivering Ur news

Man shoots at offensive driver with crossbow. Good thing he didn't hit the guy... Half-Life players know that the crossbow is a one-hit kill.

Warning to those making labels or signs: the University of Wisconsin has trademarked the letter W. And they WILL sue over its use. I mean ILL sue. ill sue.

Prize-inning cat runs and hides before accepting the prize. He slipped through a hole in the all and hid in a orkroom. I guess some cats just don't ant aards.

A Chinese university makes golf a required class. It's an important consideration in the business orld, but you don't usually see anyone admitting it this openly. It ould be like politicians making a list of the bribes they'd accept part of their platform.

"Oops." This guy probably rote off his loss after tearing a hole in a Picasso painting with his elbo. This is hy they keep paintings like Mona Lisa under such tight surveillance. This ould probably have to be the orst thing to happen to a painting since "A Portrait of the Artist's Mother" by histler as left in Mr. Bean's care.

Hello Kitty and Blue's Clues are teaming up for a Japanese merchandise tour de force. They ill probably sell very ell, and spell very bad things for our civilization. Beare.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Bridge: I'm back to my old pattern of sitting out every time. It'll pass, eventually.

Today's DC2: I was a little impatient and passed up the chance to get the Dark Cloud in favor of the Muramasa. Oops. I'll start over from the beginning at some point to remedy the problem. Or just build up something else, but there probably isn't much point to that. Not like I'll ever max out the stats anyway, and the combo's good enough. I doubt I'll go all the way through the game on this file anyway. I also built up a Soul Breaker, minus the Dark ability, and I'll give it Critical at some point before it becomes useful.

Today's TV: I watched the last DVD I have of Avatar, so I'm all caught up on the first season, and I watched the first few episodes of Sports Night, which will probably be most of my TV watching for the rest of the month, until Fox bothers to air something new again.

Today's reading included Busou Renkin, Saiyuki Reload, and Beet the Vandel Buster... and that was just this morning. No kidding. Tonight, a bit of Angel Sanctuary. I put a few new series in my queue this morning, but they're mainly one-shots for the moment. I figured I might as well catch up on them now, before they're twenty books long. I still need to read all the back issues of Shojo Beat and Shonen Jump that are piling up.

I got another reminder tonight of why I can no longer comprehend the word "yummy" as referring to delicious food. I've heard too many women use that word to refer to things that are distinctly not food, like men they find attractive and other things even less palatable. They've stolen my word just like gay, queer, dyke, boner, shaft, noodle, pussy, cornhole, cherry, and so many others used to have innocent meanings but no longer do. Every time I think about a girl cramming coconut cake into her face with both hands, then looking up with the cream all over her face and saying "It's yummy!" I will die a little inside. I hope you all do too. You've ruined it. And now I've probably ruined "coconut".

Just time for a Wedding Peach episode before bed, I think. I fit in some Dead Rising last night, including a tense battle in the supermarket because I'd forgotten to save on the way there, but I triumphed over most of it (that guy with the bum leg couldn't keep the zombies away while I sliced the manager up, and I think that hysterical woman with the suicidal boyfriend is still crying, but I beat two psychopaths and impressed Kent with my erotic photography), so I think I'm in good shape for now. I sense a restart in the near future.