October 17th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

News from the heart

First, a bit of political news. As you probably can't help knowing, elections are coming up soon, and the commercials have started. Here's the gist of one of the commercials that really makes me lose a lot of respect for Congressman Mike Sodrel, which is a shame, because I liked the newsletters we get from him and most of the decisions he told us he had made: His people are trying to demonize his opponent, Baron Hill, because Hill voted against protecting traditional marriage and against protecting the American flag from desecration. I think those are great decisions! The last thing they mentioned was protecting families in tax law, voting for things like the marriage penalty and death tax. I'm indifferent, because the marriage penalty will never apply to me and I don't think I'll care much when the death tax does. The slogan was something like "Mike Sodrel: He's on YOUR side." This is why voting in Indiana is meaningless. NOW do you believe me?

Empowering girls by making their costumes about power instead of sex. In today's society, it's downright DANGEROUS for young girls (and young boys) to wear sexy costumes on Halloween, and they don't even mention that in the article. No, it's all about fears that some girls out there may not grow up to be lawyers and doctors. Heaven forbid! A woman with a job that doesn't place her above men? The horror! No, really, this is how bad things have gotten: remember the Goth scare from a few years ago? This article includes advice encouraging girls to wear scary costumes instead of sexy ones. Imagine that in the context of the "Goth list". (Did that list actually turn out to be a parody? I remember the cited site looking pretty legitimate.)

Cat starts fire; dog rescues woman with artificial leg, then dies trying to get to the cat. I'm still a cat person, but cats like that are making it really hard to stay that way.

Drunk Norwegian breaks into prison. They should have kept him there.

The county jail in Evansville now requires female visitors to dress conservatively. Sexy clothes are forbidden, as are clothes that cover too much, because of the risk of contraband smuggling. Jail officials recommend that women try to wear scary costumes instead of sexy costumes, like fairy princesses who rule entire fantasy kingdoms.

Suicide jumper finally changes mind, then falls anyway but still survives. He'll be back on the bridge once they finish charging him with the traffic disruptions he caused.

I think I reported on the Georgia woman who got a ticket for her "Tired of all the BUSHIT" bumper sticker. I may have mentioned that the ticket was thrown out because the law against lewd decals was ruled unconstitutional. But now, like all the other people who don't know when to quit, she's suing for "emotional distress" and "acting with reckless disregard". It's very simple: being sued for emotional distress causes me emotional distress. Even if you win your suit, I'll recover everything in the countersuit, and you're just out all the court costs. But in a perfect world, the very invocation of the words "emotional distress" would be grounds for reinstating the ticket, constitutionality be damned.

Police dog falls from second story and still catches suspect. But they didn't say why he fell... I bet it was a bout of stupidity.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Tomorrow will be 18october. It also appears to be digital_damita's birthday. But aren't they the same person? I forget.

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Today's DC2: I beat a few more floors and evolved a Twin Barrel. I'm working on leveling up a Magic Gun to become a machinegun... this is, of course, what I was doing before I went for the laser gun, but it seems like the laser is the way to go for most normal battles. The grenade launcher comes in handy against certain enemies, and the machinegun is only really useful in one battle - which I don't think I can win without a good one. Max's Poison Wrench is only some Cyclone away from evolving, and Monica's Ama no Murakumo doesn't have far to go before I can evolve to my choice of forms. I'll have to see what they both are before deciding. The bracelet... no idea. It's highly useful, but I'm hooked on the swords and guns right now.

Today's Avatar: I watched the entire fourth DVD, and I'll try to fit in the fifth tomorrow. Then I'll have watched the entire first Book, and be prepared for the second.

I forgot to mention this yesterday, but as always, Boxjam wins the Internet.