October 9th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

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I think something's wrong with my calendar. I blame Daylight Saving Time. It tells me that tomorrow will be both namflow's and supergolden's 26th birthdays. Born on the same day? What are you guys, twins?

Today's unnecessary spending: Yes, I went and bought the XBox 360... and Dead Rising, Enchanted Arms, and Prey. I've had the time to play each one a bit - Enchanted Arms has humor, but hasn't been very big on gameplay so far, and the fighting doesn't look like it's going to be much. With FFT-style HP and EP meters that refill at the start of each battle, it doesn't seem like there will be much long-term strategy. It's just a matter of finishing each battle quickly to avoid losing VP, whatever that is. They haven't explained it, but my understanding is that if it runs out, I'll start the next battle with 1 HP and 1 EP. Anyway, given the style of the game (including the inclusion of the Japanese voices), it's pretty obvious why they included a manga with it. Dead Rising is even harder than it appears, although I just haven't been bothering to hunt down bathrooms to save every time I accomplish anything, so I've restarted three times, and I'm now at level 6. At least each restart is worth about 37,000 PP, plus whatever I can get for killing zombies. It's pretty pathetic. Then there's Prey... I enjoyed the first four levels when Curt let me borrow it, so I bought it. I'll get used to crawling into boxes and ending up in other places eventually. So it's about as diverse a set of games as I could want for my first three, given that I don't feel like getting any sports titles.

I beat the minotaur on my second try this morning, when Curt was watching. Maybe he's got bad luck, but brings good luck to those around him. That should sound familiar to at least one person on my friends list. (For everyone else, the same is true of the main character in Crescent Moon.)

Also, I doubt I'll be making any news posts this week - I'm not even reading the news. Or most of my usual websites. I might try to catch up while I'm in New Mexico, but when my schedule gets disrupted like that, who knows what I'll do? It's not quite a matter of curling up in a ball on my hotel bed, but I'll probably cling to my laptop and DS most of the time. The usual shows are on hiatus, which is probably why I forgot that Deal or No Deal was on today. Not that it matters much.

I was up at about 4:30 this morning, possibly by design. It was the Coke at Chili's, I'm sure. I've been tired for some time, which will undoubtedly end when I actually try to fall asleep, as always, but maybe it'll help me get some rest before the trip. I'm thinking I should grab some CDs at the last minute to listen to in the rental car... there will be some long drives, and being without music would really bother me. I'm sure there will be radio stations, but who knows what those will play? And how good the coverage will be in the middle of nowhere?

On the upside, I'm probably going to try to finish the MST chapter before bed and send it out for author approval. I might even publish it from New Mexico.

Five days until The End.