October 6th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

News that lets you see into the past or the future, but not both at once

Just want to mention that this week's BOFH is even funnier than usual and doesn't have a lot of technical jargon to confuse the layperson.

That guy who flung poop all over a courtroom has apologized. Awwww.

Man who's about to win a new car in a contest crashes his SUV into a tree because of a spider. He says he was trying to get out of the vehicle. While it was apparently moving. I don't know if he should be allowed to have a new car... he might try to fill the tank while it's running.

A Dallas postal worker is stopped for speeding while his pickup's full of opened mail and drugs. It seems like nobody's content with committing a single crime anymore. They all have to draw attention to it.

France has been pushing the purity of their language in recent years, going so far as to create more French-sounding words to replace those borrowed from English (it's really just English-hate, which is fine, because English is a pretty crappy language), but the Malaysian government is making the misuse of their language a fineable offense. Can we do that for Ebonics here? Or would that be "Yo yo, we all playin' be doin' that too, bust on the Ebonics all up in this ciz-ountry."

A man named Ledd Zeppelinn has been banned from his hometown. It's a big mess with vandalism and garbage fines and a sign that says "Welcome to Auschwitz" and a neighborhood judging committee and him sideswiping a couple of teens in his car, but ultimately, it's just a sad, sad story of a man who didn't want to be called George Anchovy anymore.

He wanted to be a fireman so much, he didn't let the fact that he wasn't one stop him. Unfortunately for him, the road to ruin is paved with good intentions and stolen fireman equipment. And a truck.

China plans to re-engineer the seating arrangements in their planes to accommodate more fat passengers. They could always just make a few "large seating space" flights and give priority on those to a certain weight class. It's sort of the way there are only a few handicapped spaces rather than every space in the parking lot being handicapped-accessible. And the elevators in some buildings are hidden in the warehouse somewhere. They're not convenient for the people who need to use them, but they exist.

Stave it off, one two three, and now you can count to three again. Marijuana may stave off Alzheimer's. You know what would be really cool? If cocaine turns out to be a cure for cancer, or heroin is a cure for AIDS. I would LOVE to see the debate surrounding a revelation like that. We'd see posters like "JUST SAY NO to curing AIDS".

An Australian gets hit with a reckless driving charge for reversing across the Outback. It wasn't really his fault... he couldn't shift out of reverse. Besides, it's how Inspector Gadget taught Capeman to drive. And he gets marks for not doing it in a stolen fire truck.

Saddam Hussein is on the no-fly list. Those guys whose fault it is that we can't bring drinks on the plane aren't. So the Department of Homeland Security thinks a man in American custody is more of a threat than people who have already tried to blow up a plane. That doesn't sound too far off. I'm surprised Saddam isn't the suspect in more terror investigations. They probably throw his name around like confetti anymore. "I got a flat tire! I bet Saddam did it! I don't know how, but he did it!"
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Bridge: The other side had three game-worthy hands to start with, but only made two. Still enough to win the rubber. Then I managed to make an ill-fated 4S with only seven trump - fortunately, Kelly had 1NT worth of power and the king of spades was finessable, but didn't fall right away, so CP never got his ten. I think it would have played a bit better in 3NT, still. Same basic idea, one less trick to take, and less need to pull spades.

Today's Work: I had to bug a few people in person, repeatedly, but I pushed my travel orders through and got the precious itinerary that confirms my bookings and actually promises paid tickets. So I'm going to New Mexico next week, just in time to be in the wrong time zone for DoND - they don't have the Lucky Case Game in the Mountain time zone on Thursdays. Not like I'd win anyway. So look for me in A-a-a-a-a-alamagordo! (It's just not as catchy.)

Today's DC2: I built up to the Question Shooter, as expected... only to recall that that, too, has a rather undesirable effect. But at least Poverty won't drain my health every time I use it, and I've already built up a Pocklekul to cancel that. It occurs to me that Critical might be easier to come by (I believe one of the Spheda clubs has it), but I've already saved, and the laser gun will probably be more handy anyway in the short term. I've got plenty of Magic Guns if I want to make a machine gun. I think I'll build up a grenade launcher first, though. In my other files, I've got a Last Resort and a Sigma Bazooka, but I think I'm still working on the laser gun. Maybe I finally made the Supernova. Can't remember. The funny thing is that by the time I'm done with the Pocklekul, it'll probably be stronger than Monica's current armband, but I think I'll still keep the one I have, since it has Stop and probably something else as well. Maybe Poison.

And I may just skip the anime tonight and go straight to bed. I'm feeling tired, and if I end up buying the HDTV tomorrow, I'll need to be at full strength plus to carry it. I could wait for Curt to come back, but they tend to sell out of the things I want when there are sales going on. I don't want to buy the one with the damaged screen.