October 4th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's MDN: People think older male virgins are more creative when it comes to sex. Personally, I didn't get any ideas until after I'd learned about the basics. Imaginative maybe, but I didn't know what to DO with any of those ideas. They urge men to remember what it was like before the first time... if I did that, I'd be twice as determined never to touch a woman again. Those were the crazy days when I thought abstinence until marriage was a possibility. Now I know that neither sex NOR marriage is in my future. Women: Getting satisfaction out of sex is as much your providence as it is the man's, particularly if he's a virgin. Don't screw it up like my ex did and you'll be fine.

Landlord finds the body of a tenant who's been dead for four years in his apartment. Auto-bill-pay: One more tool on the road to making absolutely sure nobody misses you when you're dead.

Man caught urinating in public says he was watering a plant. Well, he probably was. The question is, where's his watering can? Where's his watering can?

Pennsylvania teens make almost 500 obscene calls to 911. The Rexburg police just shrug off that sort of thing, but other departments take it pretty seriously.

Skydiving Elvis breaks pelvis. Too bad he didn't land on a paisley rug.

Arkansas woman shows up to a drunk driving hearing drunk. But she didn't drive there, so it's just contempt or public intoxication, I assume. Then again, it's a pretty familiar story.

Speaking of familiar stories, a woman donates her husband's shirt to Goodwill with $2000 in the pocket. Sometimes, I wonder whether people are digging up these stories and just changing names and dates. But in this version, she gets the money back.

A man is trapped for half an hour in the Ejection Seat when one of the bungee cords breaks. The redundant safety device works as intended and averts injury to the ride's occupant, which is a relieving thought. Maybe it wouldn't be such a stupid idea to ride it sometime.

Man attacks a fire prevention system contractor with a meat cleaver at an Alaskan school, and nobody knows why. I think he's just insane in the brain. We should take it out and examine it. (But we won't put it back when we're done.)
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Bridge: We had sucky hands. No two ways about that.

Today's DC2: I beat one level and built up my gun, but then I got careless in the Max-only level... on the last enemy, as always. But that's fine, because I don't think the Soul Breaker is the weapon I want. I know there's a way to build up a machine gun without the Dark attribute, and it's not making the Magic Gun. I'll try building up another one later. This one will become the main laser gun, I suppose... I can use the Jurak Gun for synthesis.

Today's FFX-2: Why not? It's something to do.

I read the preview of Beauty Pop last night... I HAVE to have that series now! Skip Beat attracted me with its style, but this one has characters that demand to be read.

I spent the first half of work doing my usual thing, testing, and then the second half trying to get the new travel system to accept my travel orders and cough up details for a flight to New Mexico. It turns out that I have to fly into El Paso and head north from there. So I can add Texas AND New Mexico to the list of states I've visited... assuming I get this all together, and this time, it's rather important that I do. Fortunately, I've got two more days to get it done, and I know what to look for before I head to the airport.

It's quiet around here without Curt. And he probably wouldn't have let me overcook the frozen dinner, although I'm pretty sure I got it out before the upper bound on the cooking time.