October 3rd, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

News about that creepy girl with the skull collection

Today's Weather: We're finally getting all the rain we missed out on over the summer. Wait... it wasn't a dry summer at all! But there were a few sunny moments, and nature's giving us payback for them now.

The Supreme Court refuses to consider a Texas law banning the sale of sex toys. According to Texas, it's perfectly legal to own and use them, but it's illegal to buy them in the first place. On that basis, anyone who makes a drug purchase without getting caught should be allowed to use it freely.

The cops are going a long way to track down the anonymous owner of a MySpace account full of descriptions of sexual encounters between high school students. You know, it's not hard to commit an online crime and get away with it scot-free. Simply have an accomplice in another country create an online identity and give you access to it. Log in and do whatever you want to do, then let them take the rap. In most cases, they can't be prosecuted for actions that are only criminal in the States, and who's going to track you via your access to the account? Not that I endorse doing this at all, but there are obvious ways to get around problems for people who stop to think about them.

Wife chases husband with "toy" ax. That's not a toy the CPSC would approve.

Remote XT offers new cell phones that scream if they're stolen. I wonder how they know. Do you disable it by typing a PIN? Do you have to find a new phone to report the old one stolen? Does it recognize fingerprints? What happens if you want to let someone borrow it? What if you recover it? My brother had to get a brand new stereo when he accidentally triggered the anti-theft protection in his and there was no way to reset it.

A woman's breast implants act as an airbag in a crash. I'm surprised it worked... apparently, Bulgarian breast implants are made from silicon rather than the traditional silicone.

OK, who hasn't felt sick enough recently? A baby falls from a third-story railing and is caught by a woman at ground level. The baby managed to hang on to the railing long enough for the woman to notice her, which is pretty amazing. But here's the sick part - the teenage mother gets to keep the baby because she'd been "responsible" enough to leave her with a 13-year-old babysitter. That was clearly misplaced trust. Not that I think the mother's really in the wrong here, but I'm not seeing anything about criminal charges for her brothers. They've got years to be locked up.

Clown runs for mayor. Actually, that's a pretty typical headline. But in this case, it's an actual poofy-haired red-nosed clown.

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Moa: The King of Destruction

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It looks like now I've got TWO trips to look forward to, and maybe more. In addition to the Norfolk trip that still hasn't come together yet, now they want me to be a menial data-collection drone in White Sands for a week - next week, specifically. So I get a long weekend followed by either a trip to New Mexico and much discomfort or another day wasted at the airport and some very angry higher-ups. I was hoping I'd be staying somewhere near Albuquerque, but it looks like that's way to the north of where I'd be staying. Probably Alamogordo, which is on the opposite side of the base from Truth or Consequences, which is then almost directly south of the city Bugs Bunny made famous and Weird Al wrote almost his longest song ever about. (And Truth or Consequences isn't too far from Elephant Butt, although they spell it "Butte".)
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Bridge: We didn't get many good hands to work with, and Dan jumped into an auction with a 4D bid that I just knew was misplaced. Sure enough, he made 4... minus the 6-trick book. The resulting 1100 point swing made the final hand moot, so I didn't mind too much when he raised my closeout 1NT to an unmakeable 2NT (admittedly, a good spade split would have given us the contract, but as the cards lay, there was no way to avoid the fatal spade loser... fortunately, Paul gave me the trick I needed with a club lead when he had a diamond and Steve had A-K-Q - he could probably have guessed that the diamond lead was right, but Steve also failed to signal him).

Today's DC2: I played a few levels while watching the rest of the Arrested Development DVD, and met a few conditions for Heim Rada at great expense - but my weapons are progressing nicely enough. I should have a machine gun before long, at which point I can start building up the Jurak Gun and start working on a grenade launcher.

So... no Avatar today? A bit disappointing, but since I've got the entire first season on DVD now, I won't complain. I also have the third season of Bullshit, thanks to a quick stop at Borders on the way back from Best Buy. Since Curt won't be around this weekend to help me choose a good HDTV, I decided to take him over there tonight to get some DVDs that he wanted and help me pick the best TV for me. I found a Samsung 30" flat tube one that I like, and there's a bundle that includes a stand and an XBox 360 Pro package for a bit of a discount, although if the coupon I have doesn't work on the bundle (and I doubt it would), then I'll probably just skip the bundle and get the TV for 12% off, which will be about $670, and wait on the XBox 360 for a while. Granted, the TV may not do me much good without an HD signal, yet, but I'll be able to play DVDs on it and see them from across the room, and I can devote my larger TV to games, so they can be seen from across the room as well. I assume that the HDTV will have a coaxial input, and it will hopefully be able to receive a standard analog signal, but if not, I'll watch TV on the existing screen. Actually, I'll probably have to do that anyway, because the HDTV won't have the built-in VCR. Maybe I can just invest in a cable splitter like the one we've got downstairs. (I'd do that on the current TVs, but the small one doesn't have a remote anymore, so I never saw the point in switching it off the game channel.)

I've made the unlikely choice of Seven of Seven for this week's anime viewing, and I should have plenty of time tonight to get in an episode, so I'm off to finish my affairs and crawl into bed with the seven Nanas. (I think I need to record myself for a few days and listen to the playback... I might be missing some innuendos.)