September 30th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

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I think we've patched things up, to what degree they needed to be patched up. I still think there's something she's not telling me, and that's giving her the benefit of the doubt, although I realize that doesn't make much sense unless you know the situation like I do. But since neither of us really managed to be more than a friend in the first place, being friends should be pretty natural, like remembering how to fall off a bike.

Today's Manga: I don't know why I didn't use the personal shopping day today... it's possible that I'll spend more than $200 in a day in October, but with the recent trend in availability of new manga, that doesn't seem likely. Well, Viz Media has a new lineup coming out, and I only found a few of them today. I got Ai Yori Aoshi 14, the Onegai Twins manga, Strawberry Marshmallow 1 (it sounds cute), the DearS fanbook, Eyeshield 21 10, Claymore 4, The Wallflower 9, and Bleach 15. I also picked up the new albums by Weird Al and Barenaked Ladies, the second season of Teen Titans, the fifth Avatar DVD, and the first season of Animaniacs. (I had a coupon that I was planning to use to finally buy Eerie Indiana, but it's been sold.) Meanwhile, I'm now caught up on Getbackers and Kare Kano - one more book of Kare Kano left until the end of the series. I'm also caught up on Dr. Slump as of last night, but that's a different matter. It's interesting that there's a character who turns into a tiger at the sight of a woman, or so the preview for the next book says. A precursor to Urusei Yatsura's Rei, or maybe it's the other way around? It might be difficult to track down the exact chronology and figure out which one came first. At least, with the new batch of books, I don't have to figure out which series to read next. I've got a giant stack now.

Curt and I went to dinner at Upland Brewery, since he found out when he went to apply for his membership that today was their Oktoberfest celebration. Mom recommended the schnitzel, and it definitely sounded good, so we both had that, and we split a sausage sampler appetizer. Curt didn't finish his portion, but I hadn't eaten all day (see the next paragraph), so I finished my plate and ordered a slice of German chocolate cake to take home. (I sure hope they didn't put German's chocolate on the menu thinking it was actually from Germany... German's chocolate was invented by a guy named Sam German, who was American. I'm not making this up.) I haven't had the cake yet, and it's getting a bit late to eat it now. It'll make a good side dish for lunch tomorrow, or a good breakfast, if I manage to wake up before noon. All in all, it was a really expensive dinner, but the portions were huge and the food was good enough to be worth it. And while it took a while to get the menus (the server was busy, so the manager [I think he was the manager, anyway] brought them to us), the service after that point was pretty good.

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