September 19th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

Talk like a Pirate day news

Arrr... an Italian after me own twisted heart. The scurvy scoundrel lost his cellular talking contraption while robbing an old lady, and when he met to parley, he was riding a freshly stolen scooter. Alas, the police were there to apprehend the bastard.

A German decides to join the terra cotta army of China. Them being a ghost crew didn't stop the scarrilous dog in the least.

A schoolmarm issues a spelling chart that's a true font of wisdom. Those letters properly arranged teach the wee ones words, but the letters alone are an education in what a pirate does with his wench! Arrrrrrrrrr!

A lazy postie hides his mail in the storage locker. I know a certain fellow name of Davy Jones whose locker could use another inhabitant... KEELHAUL THE RAPSCALLION!

A corpse washes up near a CSI moving picture filming session. Arr, they done found me latest victim.

Scabrous sea dogs! Look at all the new critters they've found in the sea! Sharks walking! Shrimps praying! Those fish will be walking on the land next, heed ye well!

Arrr... a shrimp dinner it be tonight, methinks. Let them pray.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Bridge: 'Twas a valiant battle, and we gave our opponents a few early blows, but for the lack of one trick taken in the first hand, we lost.

Today's Dark Cloud: Pigskin be a slavering wimp. I'll need to take the back of my hand to 'im, or at least make his weapon a mite stronger.

Today's Manga reading: Sugar Sugar Rune 3 and a side of Kekkaishi 4. Yo ho ho, the stories keep an old sea dog entertained through a long voyage. I also be forgettin' to mention yesterday that the mail ship delivered me copy of Tenshi Ja Nai 4. The Canadian post be a bit less efficient.

Today's TV: House and Standoff... Can't rightly say I paid attention to either one.

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