September 15th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

Today's Readallaboutit

About being sick: I totally called the spinach. I think Curt and I may have to make doctor appointments soon.

I don't even want to think about what this woman did to her kids. Really... move on. Ooh, here's a tasteful story about Austrians counting dog turds... actually, maybe we're better off without that kind of news. I've been sick enough this week.

Technophobia is a sad thing to behold. This woman paid $29.10 a month for 42 years to rent an ancient rotary phone. Her comment after finally getting a fully paid, rent-free push-button phone? She wants the rotary back. I bet she wants to pay for it, too.

Boy handcuffs himself to stuffed reindeer. I'm surprised toy handcuffs are still on the market, when losing the key can make them rather dangerous playthings. Is there no child who's ever cut off the circulation through their wrists with a pair of toy handcuffs? I always made sure the key worked before playing with them, but apparently, not all kids do.

And you thought your fancy dinners wre expensive... New York man pays about $15,000 for an Indian dinner from Belfast.

Woman pays undercover cop to murder a woman whose picture is on her boyfriend's MySpace. Obviously, she got arrested and the job wasn't completed. But it's yet another reason having a MySpace may not be the best idea. I'm glad there aren't any women out there to fight like that over me.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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We had a pretty lousy dinner at TGI Friday's tonight. The food was good, but the server was in training, and it showed. She didn't write down our order and had to come back to have us repeat it, she let Curt's glass sit empty for ages (after which she was much more on the ball with refills), gave Curt at least one glass of regular Coke (she claimed it was all diet, but his reaction after leaving the restaurant is to the contrary), and didn't even bother to ask if we wanted dessert before dropping off the check. I'd gotten an appetizer which was supposed to be $3.99 with my entree, but it was on the check as $6.99, so I asked her to correct it when she came back (much later) for the payment. Then she dropped off the check and vanished again before we could pay. Finally, we got it all taken care of, and I got Curt home without him being sick in the car. It was probably close.

I watched the first episode of MAD TV while missing most of my Additions in Legend of Dragoon. That's probably to be expected. I played some Battlefront 2 as well, but I couldn't beat the space battle at Talos 4. Fortunately, the game gives the option of skipping that one entirely, but I think I can beat it given a few more tries. The hard part is shooting down ten fighters with enough time left to take out the turrets AND the engines of the big ship. It'll probably be easier if I just respawn rather than flying back to the ship to change from the fighter to the bomber. It's those long flights between carriers that eat up all the time.

I found out what might be my next project at work, and it sounds really cool. The work would be based in Washington, D.C., but Dan figures we have enough leverage that I can avoid having to spend much time out there and still get a chunk of the work. I also found out that there's no problem with me taking off the week of Columbus Day to visit purpleparadox. And no, Mom, I'm still not flying out there.

No Wii prebooks, probably until sometime next month. But that's fine. I'm in no hurry until everyone else is about to be.