September 9th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Manga: The last book of Hot Gimmick, and the first of Return to Labyrinth, My Cat Loki, and Yakitate Japan. I also bought the tenth Mystery Science Theater 3000 collection while I was at Borders. Then I came home and placed a giant order with Anime Castle. I got the novels I haven't been able to find anywhere, a few graphic novels I've been missing, and some DVDs, most notably Negima 2 and FMA 13. I decided to skip Dirge of Cerberus and the later Xenosaga games for now. I played some Xenosaga today, and advanced the plot a little, but there were only a few cutscenes. I played some Legend of Dragoon too, but saved and quit before the boss. I think I'm about ready for it, but I may want to swap characters - the White Dragoon would probably be helpful in this fight for healing magic, and Rose and Haschel both have Additions to learn. Meru's been coming along well, but her HP are still too low. I love her healing magic, though.

I found a copy of Paper Mario for the N64... they range from $33 used to $90 new. Ouch! I think I'll leave things as is.

Read some Kekkaishi and Eyeshield 21 today. Both great series that I never seemed to get into for whatever reason. I just had too many other things to read. That's going to change, though.