September 5th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

If you touch this news, you can see the future

I'm pretty sure I reported on this guy before... he skipped jury duty and was ordered to write a five-page paper on the history of jury service. He plagiarized the paper. So now he has to do it again. I have a little sympathy here... because I didn't get along with most of the other students in school, I was always put in the group that had to research the worst possible topic. Still, a five-page paper isn't THAT bad.

An elderly woman chases down a thief, berates him, then gives him some money. Drowning evil with kindness, eh?

British intelligence releases details of German WWII codes, including Morse code hidden in drawings of women's dresses. Another thing they find suspicious is long, rambling letters with long descriptions of Bridge games. This could jeopardize my good standing with the government.

Naked Vermont teens. I think that stands on its own as a headline, really. That's a link I bet everyone will click. No pictures, though.

Strike 100 for this criminal. And yet they keep letting him out again and again. New York must love its criminal element.

New York thieves, on the other hand, love ATMs. It's the next best thing to stealing the minting press.

A Dallas school board member wants to tighten restrictions on baggy pants. The irony is that violators can strip their pants entirely and escape penalty. Or does Dallas have a nudity law unlike most of Vermont?

Girl falls asleep on plane and returns for the round trip before waking up. I think this means Air Malta will be prohibited from flying into the States from now on... clearly, their security isn't up to snuff.

Brooklyn pranksters post "No Parking" signs and get cars towed away. Yet again, an instance of a Warner Bros. cartoon brought to life. Remember the woman who kept running out of the hair salon to feed the parking meter, only for it to be replaced by a fire hydrant just in time for the cop to walk past? I wouldn't use that hydrant, though... it was placed on the exposed wires of the meter, not a pipe.

This Arkansas elementary school is full of bats. Fortunately, no Man-Bat.

The Oregon panty thief was a disturbed man. Apparently, his computer was full of violent porn and a list of torture methods. And his parents say he was harmless. Their picture can be found in the dictionary under "naïve". Hey, I'm fully in favor of the broad distinction between fantasizing about something stupid and actually doing in, but making plans to go about doing it and choosing victims is a bit over the line.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Bridge: We were doing pretty well, aside from failing to double a doomed spade contract, until the last hand. Steve overcalled CP's 2C opener with 3C, and I had two little clubs and four hearts to the Q-J, so I bid 3H. He had one heart and left it. We recommended 4C as a response, which I'd have passed. He had K-Q-J-10-x-x of clubs, so we figured we'd probably be off three in 4C as opposed to a hard-fought off five in 3H. We had to deal with a killer crossruff AND all their power.

We've got ants again. We'll have to hit one of the big stores and buy more traps soon. I guess it's been almost six months... more like four and a week, but it was a pretty big problem at the time. Maybe we need something better than traps.

House season 3 looks like more of the same in some ways, which isn't a bad thing. I expect House will be back to his old self by the end of the month, or mid-season at the latest. I think what's really changed is everyone else's attitude toward him. I'm watching Standoff now, and planning to post this before it's over. It's interesting, like the other new Fox shows I've bothered to watch. Looks rather controversial, both internally and because it features a pilot episode about an Islamic terrorist. But it looks like he just took up Islam for the terrorism. I think the most interesting thing about this show will be seeing how they make more episodes from the premise.

I watched the second Strong Bad E-mails DVD today. The bonus E-mails on the first DVD were fun, but this one featured something possibly even better... karaoke. And on the second audio track, Homestar characters singing karaoke. Homestar sings the Trogdor theme, Strong Bad sings Because It's Midnite, Coach Z sings the Dangeresque theme ("Dangerearuourereeareoursque"), and of all people, Marzipan sings Everybody to the Limit (Fhqwghads). I also left the menu screens sitting for a while... the results of that are just as much fun. The downside is that I couldn't figure out how to get to some of the easter eggs, like the scene with Strong Mad and Strong Sad at the end of "caper". I was sad to miss that.