August 30th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

Colorful news and young naked girls

That's both a reference to today's reading (Jing book 7) and to today's news.

Today's MDN: Mothers with low self-esteem sell their daughters into modeling. Apparently, the mothers are often willing to have their daughters pose nude, but from what I can tell, none of the modeling agencies want to go that far. A strange reversal? Anyway, while I've been going on about how Japanese women are probably more to blame for the declining birth rate than Japanese men, I think this increasing pedophilia (and really, what else can you call it?) probably isn't helping their case. But I still don't think naked pregnant Britney Spears is the way to convince Japanese men that women of childbearing age can be as sexy as the children they bear.

When hiking in Switzerland, beware cows. The best strategy is to carry a hamburger and make it clear that any cow that attacks you will be the next meal.

A postman for Royal Post has been suspended and may be sacked for telling people how to get signed up for a no junk mail list. Such a thing exists? They ARE hiding information from us! Still... is it really THAT hard to throw it away?

Prank caller tells a man he's won a million dollars. Nobody wins a million dollars. It's all a camera trick to keep people buying magazine subscriptions.

The death of a clown. His hot air balloon exploded and the cage fell on top of him. Reports say he didn't even have time to change to his weepy face makeup.

14-pound baby born in Brazil.

Man calls 911 to report an escaped kangaroo. In Oklahoma City. Rexburg police were dispatched, but it turned out to be a real kangaroo, so they returned home to congratulate the 911 dispatcher who reported that she'd just won a million dollars in the Publishers' Clearing House sweepstakes.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Bridge: A rough start in a 3NT contract that we probably shouldn't have bid... Dan thought about closing in 2NT, and we probably would have made that. But we got them for two tricks doubled when they cut into our auction (don't do that), and put together a 3C with a 2S to end the rubber with a complete game.

The Simpsons is funnier in Japanese. I'm not really sure why... but I turned off the subtitles because they were distracting. I think it's the combination of the voices (Marge in particular sounds... very, very off) and the fact that some of the best lines are so abbreviated. It's not something I can easily explain. It's just the way the language works.

Another show I watched today was the premier of Justice on Fox. They've been comparing it to House in the ads, and that's not quite right. The head lawyer isn't House. And I haven't seen enough of any of the other lawyers to say much about their personalities, but it was just a pilot. I think the show's got potential. There's a bit of House in the interaction between characters, including lawyers and lawyers as well as lawyers and clients. But the rest of it is more like those CSI/detective shows, like a mini Monk/Psych combo with a jury on the side. The defense isn't so much piecing together the details from the clues as they are finding what the prosecution is trying to hide. And getting the facts. But that was just one episode. The next one looks a bit more dramatic, and a bit more confusing in terms of what's true. I'll watch more before making a significant judgment, but it looks good. It's not House, but if I compared everything to something I liked, I wouldn't get to enjoy much.

Also, tonight's news had the wrong graphic up. When talking about parents who can't control their kids, they showed the image for the story about poverty in Indiana rising again. I wonder if that was slant. I certainly found President Bush's speech about creating a terrorist state in Iraq interesting. Sounds like an admission to me. But that's why I'm not on a jury.