August 27th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

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Ah, it feels good to have a bottle of body wash in the shower again. I'd really hoped my soap would last longer in the soap dish, but apparently, soap dishes either need to be out of the path of the water or have adequate drainage in order to sustain a bar of soap without it melting. This is high-level chemistry here, folks.

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Today's Movie: I decided to go through with my plan to see Snakes on a Plane. Well, actually, Curt came in while I was watching Simpsons episodes and asked me if I still wanted to go. So we went. I'd say it was a good movie, but not more than good. Definitely one to hold off on until you have a fast-forward button, because that sex scene went on WAY too long. Other than that, it delivered what it promised; snakes on a plane, biting people in every part of the body you can name, and several you probably can't. I'm sure that guy had at least one bite on his uvula.

My further commentary, with more details that those who haven't seen the movie may want to avoid, follows. Collapse )

But aside from the obvious complaints, the jokes worked, Samuel L. Jackson was Samuel L. Jackson, and the movie had everything it will need to be a cult classic, although they'll have to work to cram all the promotional materials into the DVD to show exactly WHY it's destined to be a cult classic. As if the cavalcade of death scenes isn't enough of a giveaway already.

So who's expecting a snake-related death in Final Destination 4? If it happens while someone's watching Snakes on a Plane, that will be the most awesome scene ever. Even better than The Boy Who Could Fly eating spaghetti. You know what I'm talking about.

I forgot to write down last night's dream, which is a shame, because I remembered it when I woke up. That alone amazed me, because I was up late watching for more than the tornado watch, and I watched Crayon Shin-chan on Adult Swim. ... That wasn't quite what I expected, but it looks like the director took the idea of the manga and stepped it up a few notches. After that, it was midnight and the rain had stopped again, so I just went to bed and tried to ignore the lightning and thunder. So, tonight, it's the second episode of Oh My Goddess at long last.

And I'm caught up with the Fruits Basket and Tenchi Muyou manga... the experiment to harness the power of Mihoshi's coincidence-inducing ability was particularly fun.