August 25th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

News that will put a hole in your soul

Man armed with hammer breaks up fight between man armed with bat and man armed with weed trimmer. Why are we not creating sporting events based on these stories?

Police dog bites chief instead of suspect. Well, you know, the chief was probably shouting and doing things that looked suspicious to the dog....

Judge fines cell phone users for contempt of court. Not only did they let their phones ring three times, but they didn't answer when the judge asked whose phones they were.

Man sends porno pictures of his ex-wife to her relatives from her E-mail account. I think that's pretty normal, actually.

Man drives through a swarm of money, stops to collect it, then takes it to the police. The question is, is there anybody who WON'T try to claim that they lost it while driving?

Malaysia is jumping on the bandwagon of Southeast Asian countries improving their toilet image. I don't remember the toilets being dirty, but I was never there for very long, and most of that was on the resort island of Langkawi. I spent one night in Kuala Lumpur, and we went to the infamous Hard Rock Café. But I agree that all countries need to have more pride in their toilets. In some places, you have to pay to use them.

German authorities can't make this woman stop bathing nude in the fountain. My suspicion is that many of them aren't trying very hard.

Marijuana plant found at senior home. They're pretty sure it was just a stray seed that managed to grow there... which means they probably don't read my news posts often enough.

Baby born while the mother is stuck in traffic. Yes, it's a Florida story. But lest anyone have any sympathy for the mother, she gave the baby a name that makes Myracle seem attractive by comparison... "Fabio". Fabio Miranda. Somebody get a therapist on standby, stat.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Tomorrow appears to be a birthday for both kazenohi and pimpfork... that can't be possible. How could I know two people with the same birthday? Oh, right... I know at least 30 people.

Today's Bridge: Another day with no cards worth playing. Very, very ugh.

Today's Manga: I read Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 5 in one sitting... and it ended right before the part I needed to see! Grrr... oh well. Not like it would help me much to have read that storyline. And what's with the next book not coming out until December? I also read part of Angel Sanctuary 9, only to discover that I've got a major misprint. Two entire sheafs of pages are the wrong pages. I've had enough trouble following the story when all the pages were there; no way am I going to skip that much material. Unfortunately, this book is months old, so I expect I'll have to buy a new copy next time I see one at my own expense. Oh well. I knew this sort of thing would happen when I started collecting so far ahead. I got lucky with Slayers Special.

More Battlefront 2 tonight, so much so that I forgot to turn on Monk until five minutes into the episode. So I skipped it and completed a few more missions. Watching Psych, though.

Relating to Pluto: Boxjam always says it best.


"I'm afraid I can no longer be the Sailor Warrior of Pluto," said Setsuna, wiping a tear from her eye.
"What? Why not?" asked Usagi.
"Pluto is no longer considered a true planet," replied Setsuna. "It's merely a dwarf planet now."
"Then, what will become of your power?" asked Ami. "Who will hold sway over time and darkness?"
"Wow!" came a shout from the next room. Chibi-Usa ran through the doorway, her usual sailor fuku replaced by a black skirt and a Time Key three times her own height. "Wait until you see what I can do to the clock!"

I had a Big Fish sandwich from Burger King tonight... the fish patty disintegrated in my hand. :(
Moa: The King of Destruction

I have no idea who this is, but they could turn out to be fun:

(23:15:13) star gazer: hi there
(23:15:20) star gazer: konnichiwa
(23:15:29) Nidoking: Bonsoir to you too.
(23:16:26) Nidoking: So... what's up, who are you, and how did you find me? In any order you like.
(23:16:53) star gazer: i found you on myspace that i think
(23:16:59) star gazer: and i'm akio
(23:17:12) Nidoking: Interesting coincidence. Whose myspace?
(23:17:29) star gazer: you
(23:17:51) Nidoking: OK, now let's try it again, but instead of myspace, let's have the truth, shall we?
(23:18:09) star gazer has closed the conversation window.
(23:18:29) Nidoking: Cute. Mature. Possibly dumb. Thank you for playing.
(23:18:51) star gazer logged out.