August 13th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

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I decided to devote today to playing my video games, although after filling the morning with The Da Vinci Code and God of War, I went back to Skies of Arcadia for the rest of the day. After getting back from the shopping trip, I popped it in and played straight through until 9:30ish while the entirety of Bullshit season 1 ran on the other screen. So that, quite honestly, is all I have to talk about today. Well, there is the manga I read, but that's minor. So, here it is. In DVC, I've now finished three levels, and found both secrets in each of the second and third levels. I'll go back to the first one next time and hunt down the two secrets I missed, now that I know what to look for. I know other people haven't liked it much, and as a game based on a movie license, it's expected to be crap, but for all that, I'm enjoying it. The puzzles are fun, although the controls are a bit of a pain, and if anybody else is having problems with it, I'm getting through the logic without too much trouble. Then, in God of War, it took me three tries to figure out the Gorgon's pattern - the first two times, she stoned me in the air and I shattered. So there went my gamer's pride. In Skies, I completed Daccat's Isle and found a Discovery that I may not have found ever before, which most likely isn't supposed to show up until later - I happened to catch it at a good time. I also looked up the location of the Mysterious Rings online... devious.

So, manga... there was an interesting line in Magical x Miracle 2, in answer to the question "Why didn't God give us the miracle sooner, before everyone died?" which has come up in other contexts recently. The response was something along the lines of "Because what God really wants is for humans to learn to take care of themselves, without relying on miracles. That's what will make humans as well as God happy." I paraphrased because I forgot it, but I think it worked. Then I read Kare Kano 14, which is a title that my brain always processes as kaREkaNO, in the high-pitched voice that said "fuLIkuLI" for the eyecatches in the FLCL anime. I can't help it. And now I've started The Law of Ueki, which isn't quite as much like Zatch Bell as I was expecting, yet. Ueki's power is a bit more useful than I'd expected, but the talents idea came out of left field for me, and the story just keeps throwing strange and unexpected twists into the mix even though I've only read three chapters. It's fun.

And at least one person on my list (iamthemurderer, I'm looking at you) should find this amusing, even without context.