August 6th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

Bridge Lesson 4 - No Trump Openers

Well, the responses have been favorable, so I'm going to continue my Bridge lesson series. Hit the Bridge tag if you want to review previous lessons, then prepare for some intense auctions. Today, we'll cover in detail exactly what to do if your partner opens no trump. It's not common, but it's important to know just the same, and it's one of the simplest auctions to conduct.

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Whew! A lot of information there, so you may want to go through it a few times. Making a chart wouldn't hurt either. And, as always, if anything is unclear or you want more information about any part of it, feel free to ask. Don't worry too much if you can't remember it all... once you've used these techniques in a few auctions, it'll make more sense.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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It was Sunday. I bought a little food, read a lot of manga, and watched a full DVD of Beavis and Butthead and another episode of Princess Tutu. I played a bit of Paper Mario and uncovered some new recipes, most of which aren't very useful. And I took advantage of the closing hours of the 40% off ADV sale at Anime Nation to complete my Getbackers collection and pick up four DVDs of Kaleido Star New Wings (are there more than four of them? I'll find out soon) as well as the complete Mezzo collection... because it was there and 40% off. It looked interesting from what little I saw, and Curt likes it. I also ordered the next three DVDs of Kaleido Star, because I haven't seen them around here, even in the stores that have been stocking the earlier ones. I thought about getting more Fullmetal Alchemist, but I've got 10 DVDs, so there's no rush. I'll definitely see the rest of that in stores. And they didn't have the Junk Force novels, but that's no surprise. Anime Castle may yield better results, or I can check at Borders sometime. It'll be nice to order something other than manga and Harry Potter... and Lemony Snicket, when I hear anything at all about the final book. I'd look it up now, but it's time for bed and shower now.

Where the hell did today go, anyway? I talked to Mom, ate lunch at Taco Bell (the new Crispy Nacho Grande Stuft Burrito isn't bad, but it's stratified like the tacos are, so you have to smoosh it a different way to make the fillings converge - I had green onions shoved into one end and none in the rest of the burrito), ate the rest of my lunch for dinner... I guess it was all that manga reading that did it. Parts of me hate the rest of me.

Oh, and I wrote that entire Bridge lesson today. I think that would account for a lot of the time.