August 4th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

Bridge Lesson Three - More Opening Bids

Yes, the opening bid alone is so complex that it requires an entire lesson - and there's probably enough material to split it into two, but I think it'll be more coherent posted all at once. Be sure to go back and review the previous lesson for an overview of the bidding system in general and a discussion of the simple one of a suit opening bid. Then read on to learn about every other possible opening bid and what it means. Some are less important or less frequently used than others, but they're all worth committing to memory - the opening bid is pretty much the only time during the auction when everything's constant.

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As always, ask if there are any questions. Feedback dropped off a bit on the previous entry, so I have no idea whether people are understanding it or just not reading it. I may have to stop the lessons if people don't say something.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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For a day home from work, it wasn't as good as it probably could have been, but it -

I have to stop and mention this Yaz commercial about women discussing the drug and telling each other about its side effects. Gag me. Brutally.

- wasn't bad. I played some Super Smash Brothers Melee until it was time to go to the inspection, which didn't go as badly as it could have. The floors needed to be mopped, cabinets and fixtures weren't washed, and he noticed the spot on the wall that needed sanding and repainting, but he said it wasn't bad. Don't think they can take me for more than a few thousand. I came home, chatted a bit online, then realized that it was almost 1:00 on a weekday and I was home. A short trip to Avers' Pizza and just over $5 later, I had two slices of Cream & Crimson pizza and a dozen breadsticks. I finally caught up with iamthemurderer while I was eating, and we chatted until I figured it was about time I got to the courthouse. They did most of the work for me - they looked up my condo, had all the mortgage information, and filled out the forms except for my signature. I didn't think signing two papers was too much effort. Then I came back home and put in Paper Mario, which I hadn't played in months, until Curt got home and headed out again to look at a new Toyota Yaris. About four and a half hours later, he drove home in it. Seems he had a rather interesting credit adventure... anyone remember that judgment against my oldest brother that made it almost impossible for him to get a mortgage because the asshole who he'd paid off never filled out the paperwork to release the debt? That was in Curt's credit history too, only it wasn't removed because it never should have been there in the first place. That has to be illegal, and probably on a federal level. I think he's going to talk to a lawyer about it and see what can be done. I think there's a demonstrable financial loss there, at least with the crappy terms he got on this loan and the anticipated cost of financing once his credit is restored. I thought getting each other's E-mail at work was slightly problematic... this is worse. I have a feeling I may need to order a credit report after all and make sure this isn't on it, although I doubt it could be, because I had no problem buying my car or getting this mortgage.

While he was out doing that, I decided to watch Final Destination 3, as I had just enough time to fit it in before Monk. (Counting a brief pause to talk to a local judge candidate who seemed reluctant to believe that the former resident of this condo was gone, and another to chat with Curt a bit when he got home, the credits started at the same time Monk did.) I have to say that, while it was just as contrived as the earlier entries in the series, they definitely improved on the premise. The idea of "signs" of impending death that was introduced out of nowhere in the second movie (which I liked) was actually rather a prominent part of the third one. I just watched the vanilla theatrical version, but I'll give the thrill ride version a go tomorrow and see how it looks. Then there are bonus features that sound really interesting for once. A documentary about why dead teen movies are so popular? I'm there! The Cynic in me wants to know.

Then the usual Monk and Psych, and maybe House, like every Friday night since they started. Simply Limeade? The part of me that's never drunk limeade says "ugh". Oh, and Mel Gibson seems to be making good.