July 24th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

You'd think there wasn't a weekend at all with this little news

A guy in a chicken costume doesn't like having bottle rockets shot at him. And yet he feels he was called by the Lord to be a fast food mascot. It's true what they say... religion is all about being at peace with one's place in life, and maybe some Jesus yaoi. No, really.

I think David "None of the Above" Gatchell is hoping to take advantage of Florida 2000-style voter confusion to get additional votes. Me, I'd vote a straight "None of the Above" ticket.

The drunk pelican finally recovers... then trips before it can take off. I'm sure we'll be seeing that pelican again.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Bridge: We were pretty much tied going into the last hand, which was the fourth because Keith took plenty of time to think through the hand he declared. Then Paul raised my problematic 3D to a doomed 4D, and it was blown. They had two club tricks and a heart trick off the top, and Mike had a guaranteed diamond trick. Paul actually did pretty well by NOT pulling trump when he saw the bad split, because had he not forced Mike to ruff in, Mike would have had control at the end to run his clubs unopposed.

Today's Unit Test: Keith's been hard at work uncovering problems, but they're old problems that have been in the system for some time. How much time, we have no idea. I doubt they'll ever see it in practice, since nobody puts up manual tracks while they're using the data links. But I've thought of one thing that might fix the problem... at the potential cost of tons of memory. At least we've got it, since the hardware upgrade.

hillarygayleThe mother of Ganon is giving birth and posting about it all the way. By the time you read this, it'll probably be over. So way to go, Hillary! One more evil overlord walks (or cries and poops, for the moment) among us! I wonder if there's a Cats That Look Like Ganon webpage out there...

I read Rurouni Kenshin 21 and D.N.Angel 8... both endings of sad romantic storylines. Awww... *sniffy* Looking through my queue, there's not much in the way of pure humor. I've got Ouran 4 up next, and a few others that will probably be more fun than serious, but it looks like a lot of romance and people forcing themselves to be happy even though they're not. I hold out hopes for Elemental Gelade and 11th Cat.