July 21st, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

Newsing for two

Did anyone else notice that LJ has enabled changing comment text for free accounts? I finally have the "pointers to void" theme I've always wanted.

Paintballers convicted of paintballing another man's car are allowed to deface their own car in lieu of jail time. Good to see that some judges know how to punish people properly.

Nissan pulls an ad filled with innuendo from New Zealand TV. You know you're an ad executive when you bolt out the door when the censors come innuendo.

"Honestly, officer, that handicapped space wasn't there when I parked!" Workmen paint a handicapped space around a woman's car, earning her a fine. Her defense seems pretty sound... the paint marks were still on her car.

A glove-stealing kitty. Awwwwwwwwwwwww...

A New Zealand cop has to give up her second job as a prostitute. And I thought they were so LIBERAL! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Then again, if they can't take sexual innuendos in a car commercial...

Fiji bottled water ad makes fun of Cleveland water. According to the study, Fiji water has more arsenic. Fiji should probably stick to sexual innuendos. "It's so wet!"

A thief has stolen the Rs from Greencastle, IN signs. I suspect he's trying to open a movie theater and couldn't find quite enough PG-13 movies.

A Michigan teen has a seizure during his driver's test. The resulting accident was enough to make him fail the test more or less permanently... which is a shame, because he probably would have brought the average driver safety level up.


A chef beats up a counterchef because she's serving cold appetizers. Who does he think he is, Gordon Ramsey? If only someone had told him that gazpacho soup was meant to be served cold...

Fire truck at Reno fire station catches fire. One would almost think there's no better place for it, but when your firefighting equipment catches fire, what do you put it out with?

A bail bondsman loses his license for taking sex instead of money. At least the New Zealand cop did her prostitution off the clock.

US Airways might sell ad space on sick bags. It's entirely possible that some of those ads, particularly if FOX buys space, will provoke passangers to use the bags.