July 19th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

The news, it burns

Naked man arrested after hitting a car with a pigeon. This was a pigeon belonging to the owners of the car and the house where it took place. While I have as much sympathy for them as I'm capable of (admittedly not much), who keeps pigeons as PETS? Do we not have enough problems with the wild ones out there?

Armed grocery store robber is tackled, shoots himself in the head, and is finally beaten into unconsciousness with a can of applesauce. No pigeons were harmed in the capture of this idiot.

5-year-old boy takes his grandmother's SUV for a ride. They stopped him before he could hit anything, which is pretty amazing. That kid could be the next Mario Andretti.

Pet snake in mailbox could earn a practical joker some prison time. Honestly, where do people get the idea that things like that would be funny? A fake snake, maybe. Fake poop, even. A real snake? Not even close.

A British trial judge will have to watch Jerry Springer to determine whether it's suitable for British TV. Why a judge? Because Flextech Television has a contract to show Springer as long as it's on the air over here, but they're trying to get out of the contract because the content of the show is no longer suitable for TV. Why can't we convince the FCC of that? Poor judge. Still, it could be worse. They could be fighting over "The Simple Life".

Man half-blinds his wife with a carrot. And you thought they were good for your eyesight. Now you see the truth. Now you see the violence inherent in the system.

Today's Public Service Announcement: For long trips, bring a friend to share the driving responsibility with you. And always pull over and stop before changing drivers.

How stoked would you be to come home to your condo and know there's a monkey there you can do battle with?
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Happy birthday to arrowchan tomorrow! And happy half-birthday to me today! My celebration was two chicken fillet sandwiches at Hardee's and some rather questionable service. Curt wanted to upgrade to a combo, and the woman behind the counter was too busy not having a clue what was going on to do it. So we decided to bring the food home instead. My change included a Nevada quarter, but I didn't know whether I had one or not, so I came home to check. And I've got a Nevada, baby. Don't you know that I lo~ove yo~ou?

Seriously, that became a song cue. I didn't want to forget that like I keep forgetting to mention the irony that I see every day I drive to work. In every other place with traffic circles (New Jersey), they're getting rid of the circles and replacing them with some of the most confusing intersections ever. But on Tapp Road, they're replacing a perfectly good T-intersection with a circle for no discernible reason. Curt suggests that they might be trying to alleviate problems with people making left turns into the housing area there, which could be the case. But that's what extra passing lanes and/or stop lights are for. Maybe it's just a stopgap to prevent people from speeding through that stretch... the speed limit's 30, but I've seen people break 45 down that road. And it makes sense. It's dull, straight, and about the only way to get across town on the south side.

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Today's Work: I think I've found at least a major contributor to our correlation problems. The correlation program expects to see the angles (latitude, longitude, and heading) in radians, but they're in minutes and degrees. A difference of one minute is... well, minute, but if he thinks it's off by a radian, that's in the neighborhood of 1800 minutes! 30 degrees... which is 1/12 of the Earth's circumference parallel to the equator. No wonder the error values were in the millions on a scale of 0 to 9.4. Unfortunately, I won't get to test the new code until Friday, since tomorrow is the Evansville trip (which most likely means no news post, and definitely no comments until I get home -_-), but that's the way it goes. It should be a fun day.

Today's Reading: The rest of Land of the Blindfolded 3, Rurouni Kenshin 20, and at least the beginning of D.N.Angel 7. Lots of series I need to catch up on... I've been putting the next volume at the bottom of my queue every time I finish a book. I've also added Chrono Crusade 5 and Hana Yori Dango 11 to the queue... hope I'm not going to forget any of my newer, shorter series while catching up on the long ones.

It's an early entry, but I want to take an early shower tonight. I'm going to leave the heat up and sleep shirtless tonight, to see if that improves Curt's situation any. And between Skies of Arcadia Legends, Bottom, and Detective Conan, I'm sure I'll be busy for the rest of the night.