July 16th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

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And another busy weekend day. (English really needs a single word that covers a single day of the weekend... sort of like "weekday" refers to a day not in the weekend. I propose "half-weekend", to be pronounced "hay-weekend". "Halfend" almost works, but it sounds too much like a football player.) I started by getting to the boss in Daccat's Island, then saving immediately before it. That was about the time when I figured I needed to go do the actual work for the day. So I had lunch at Wendy's, then got my hair cut (and started reading the second Slayers novel), and ended up at Lowe's, where nobody could agree on how to repair the scratched hardwood. But I did manage to pick up the paint, spackle, brush, and putty knife to fix the wall. Hopefully, the patch won't be TOO noticeable. Then it was more Skies until Curt got home. I've beaten a few more Bounties (instant death attacks are the DEVIL, Bobby!) and advanced the plot a bit. Got some crew, ready to head to Esperanza. I finished clearing out enough of the living room that we could set up the computer desk (it's still evil), and I managed to spill some of the tomato sauce from dinner in the oven and all over the floor. Oops. I settled down to eat and watch the MST3K "The Touch of Satan". And now it's over, and all I really learned today was that Lina Inverse has a color title (she's "Lina the Pink", believe it or not) and a few things about paint and spackle. And that it would be a neat idea to get a Wendy's chicken sandwich with a side salad and way too much ranch dressing, then put the excess dressing on the sandwich. There's enough to go around, or I could bring it home and use my Bleu Cheese on the salad.

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