July 8th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

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I started the day with more Escape from Monkey Island (I finished by the end of the day... learning every Monkey Kombat move as I went because I'm that badass), but soon decided that I needed some breakfast and some manga. I ate, then drove across town to Borders. After buying some manga (I'll list them below, as usual), I went to the apartment and finished throwing away most of the trash and moving the stuff I want to keep (mostly clothes that either need repair or bother me when I wear them) out of there. I believe the entire inventory of what's left there is the sponge and dish detergent, the table, two trash bags with trash in them and one without, two rolls of toilet paper, a roll of paper towels, an air freshener, Curt's broom and dustpan, my upright vacuum, two bags for the upright, two laptop cases, and the list of move-in defects. And I've got a new move-out date with a soon-to-be-guaranteed rent cutoff of August 4th. That's still almost a month to clean up the dust, replace the aluminum pans in the stove (cleaning them just doesn't work), paint over the patch on the wall, and touch up the floor scratches. Should be doable. And if not, the rent I'm not paying for August should cover the remaining damages. So I got home, unpacked everything, and contemplated putting stuff away, but procrastinated until Curt called to tell me that he'd possibly found a Volkswagen he wanted and needed me to drive his title to Terre Haute. No problem. I finally got there and discovered that he didn't want the car after all, so we ate at Garfield's and bought more stuff at Waldenbooks and Suncoast. Yes, Suncoast actually had a few DVDs that I wanted. Go them. Then it was back home to waste the rest of the day. But I got all the new manga put away.

Today's New Manga and Anime: From Borders, I got Kingdom Hearts 4, Sgt. Frog 11, The Wallflower 8, Tenjou Tenge 8, RG Veda 6, Pita-Ten Official Fan Book 3, Red River 13, Chrono Crusade 8 (one more series complete!), Skip Beat 1, and Elemental Gelade 1, because I've heard of it. And it doesn't sound bad. They also had the third volume of "Case Closed", so I picked that up too. At Waldenbooks, I got Land of the Blindfolded 8, Blazin' Barrels 5, Ghost Hunt 4, and another copy of MÄR 8... for some reason, it wasn't on my list. Oops. Anyone want a free copy? Otherwise, I'll try to return it to the Borders here next time I'm in the area. (I also bought another Monk novel, but that's not manga.) At Suncoast, I got the third collector's box for Fullmetal Alchemist and the rest of the Ah! My Goddess TV series. There were more DVDs that I thought about getting, including buy one, get one free Geneon DVDs, but those were things like Getbackers 9 and 10 (still haven't found an 8 yet) and Doki Doki School Hours 1 and 4 (1 and 2, I'd have bought). No sense frontloading my spending more than I'm encouraged to. I think I can get better deals online for most of the anime anyway. And if returning the extra book to Borders doesn't work, I'll probably be going back there next weekend to return it. I can take advantage of the sale then.

I'm considering finishing the giant chocolate Hershey's Kiss I opened last night, since I had a big mid-afternoon meal and no appreciable dinner. I'll start tomorrow with some Breakfast Pockets and see where it goes from there. Big food shopping if nothing else. Hopefully a haircut too.