June 30th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

News I made some effort for

Yes, I actually went to the Reuters page to dig up a few World Cup articles for you. See the end of the entry for more.

I want to see "The Fart and the Furious".

Potheads order from the drive-thru while narcotics detectives are ordering inside. The two parties meet shortly thereafter.

Elderly woman has skeletons in her bed. Most likely, her mother died in bed and the old woman just never bothered to do anything with the body. No wonder there were health code violations.

A courthouse roof in New Mexico caves in under pigeon poo and rainwater. I thought it was called adobe.

Soldiers practice firing howitzers at houses in Texas. Even blanks can cause damage, and they're loud.

A railroad worker calls 911 after a train cuts off his legs. He had the good grace not to add a complaint about cold tacos.

A Pakistani inmate wakes up with a lightbulb in his anus. Or so he claims. There are certainly suspicions.

Twin sisters in Canada are suing (or the Canadian equivalent) over not being allowed to play boys' hockey. This is why all sports need to be replaced with the bridge contest from Quest for Glory 3.

World Cup ringtones. No, really. Most of them seem to be some announcer ranting about how great Italy is and how much Australia sucks. I'm curious about "Final World Cup Fantasy", though. A clip from Costa Del Sol where Cloud kicks the soccer ball at Red XIII?

This Chinese company is selling World Cup air. Sounds sort of like fitness water, only more like fitness air. Air packed with the nutrients you need to survive the terminally boring World Cup matches.

Stories about how much fans in China love watching the World Cup. Highlights: While a man's wife rescues their sun from a burning house, he saves the TV, then tries to find a place to plug it in so he can get back to watching the game. Police release a mobile phone thief because the victim is too busy watching the game to press charges. A man quits his job, even turning down a pay raise, because the World Cup is more important to him than his career. And another man locks his wife in the bedroom to stop her from shutting off the TV in the middle of the game. And yet, none of those stories hold a candle to what's expected to happen when the seventh Harry Potter book comes out.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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It's elisteran's birthday tomorrow! Have some pizza!

Today's Bridge: I got an ace! For an event that should take place about four out of five times, this is an amazing accomplishment for me. It was Kelly, who ran off to do who knows what while we were drawing, who had to sit out this time, and I think she suspected something when she found out that I'd gotten an ace. But it was all fair. Even CP had taken his chances and drawn. Once the rubber got underway, however, it didn't go quite as well. I could have set the opening 3NT, but I threw away the diamonds too soon, trying to hold on to ultimately useless spades. Then we bid 3NT and were set one by a bad diamond split that I knew was coming but couldn't avoid... I had to set up the long but weak spades, and they hammered our diamonds until we had nothing left. After that, they finished the rubber in straight contracts, and we only finally scored in the last hand by setting their 4D contract by a single trick.

Today's Dinner: This is special enough to be worth mentioning in its own paragraph. We got a coupon today from Avers' Pizza, good for a free order of breadsticks and two free sodas with the purchase of a specialty pizza. And most of their specialty pizzas come with non-tomato based sauces. It was gourmet pizza, so it was more expensive than the major chains, but they provide sauce that Curt can eat for less than a dollar extra, they have toppings like Andouille sausage and shrimp (we opted for a Cajun-style pizza with those two toppings and red peppers on mozzarella and Alfredo sauce, with green onions sprinkled on top), and it was so soft it practically melted while we tried to eat it. We got the extra large, because we didn't know how much we could eat, and the breadsticks came in a pack of a dozen with a sauce of our choice (I went with nacho cheese because it was about the only one we don't have handy). I decided to try the Loganberry, and that was good too, whatever it was. We still have four slices of the pizza and half of the breadsticks left, so we'll probably get a smaller pizza next time. Like I said, it's expensive, but good enough to be worth the price, in my opinion. Plus, they have specials like a one-topping medium pizza, breadsticks and two drinks for $9.99, including free delivery. They also do take and bake pizzas, and pizza by the slice for 99 cents during their lunch hours on weekdays. Handy for when Curt's at home on Fridays, probably, since one of the pizzas they offer in that promotion is one he can eat, which sounded really good to me. And the best part of all is that it's within walking distance. We walked over there, waited for the food, and walked back. Not something we'll likely be able to afford TOO often, but certainly destined to become a semi-regular dinner.

Today's Reading: I finished the first book of Angelic Days and started reading The Ring. It's rather intriguing, even though every parody under the sun has pretty much spoiled the ending for me. (Heck, I WROTE a Ring crossover spamfic once. Well, just a blurb really, but it featured Sadako.) But I put that down after work, because I'd finally found the motivation to read Holes. And read it I did... cover to cover, all in the space of this afternoon and evening. Now I need another novel to read, and I dread that it will probably be Knife of Dreams. Not that I'm so dead set against reading another Wheel of Time book, and in fact, I really should, but Holes was a little flimsy paperback, while Knife of Dreams is like half a dictionary. Holes has made me want to go read more of the Louis Sachar books I missed because I grew up and started reading other stuff. Also, I need to see if Gordon Korman has written anything new in the last fifteen years or so. And why doesn't Holes mention the Wayside School books, probably Louis Sachar's most defining works until he won the Newberry Medal?

I'll probably watch more Ranma tonight, but I think it's too late to go back into the volcano in Legaia 2. I have to go pretty far in to get to the next area, and it'll already be bedtime by then. But Lang now has enough Art blocks to use his most powerful Hyper Art without expending AP for the full attack. Sharon learned a new one, but I can't find a way to recover the spent AP, so she loses 4 per turn. Great for boss battles, I expect, but not something I'd have her use regularly. Lord of Eden's powerful enough anyway, and she still kills anything in one attack with this combo.