June 29th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

News in accordance with the Prophecy

Trees? Who gets killed by trees? I hear it on the news... "mumble mumble man in a hammock mumble mumble killed by trees." And I thought I'd done the funniest hammock joke back in junior high. I suppose life finds a way to make fools of us all in accordance with the Prophecy.

Authorities wonder why this bear keeps escaping from the tightest, strongest security they have. Duh. They're about to cut off his balls in accordance with the Prophecy. ANY animal values its balls enough to escape.

A woman steals $1.5 million from her credit union and spends it. Well, what can we say? Women have hormone seasons just like bears do. And they do some strange things in accordance with the Prophecy, like spend large amounts of money.

Now these guys know how to commit crimes with panache in accordance with the Prophecy. They brought their own live fish to fishing tournaments and left with the grand prizes. Nobody ever wondered why three of them were stamped "FRESH CAUGHT DAILY" and another sang "Camptown Basses" every time someone moved.

And here's a guy who knows how to commit crimes without any panache. He tried to cash a bad check while Secret Service agents were in the store and on business. In accordance with the Prophecy, they chased him down, but had to let him go when he started bleeding for fear of HIV. This is what advanced medical knowledge has done to our society.
Moa: The King of Destruction

Memesnatch in accordance with the Prophecy

willbloom has suggested a very interesting idea, in accordance with the prophecy. It is as follows: Submit a comment suggesting an entry subject, and I will make an entry with that subject. I'm probably going to sit on most (both) of them for a while and write the entries either in the evenings or over the weekend, but I'll find a way to write an entry relevant to whatever subject you might name. (Holding off today should absolve me of the constraint to adhere to the Prophecy.)
Moa: The King of Destruction

The Prophecy

I might as well, seeing as it's the right day for it, in accordance with the Prophecy.

Today's Prophecy: By the end of the day, I will not only have mentioned that I finally got around to reading Tenshi Ja Nai book 2 (which will have turned out to be quite enjoyable in that all-shoujo-are-pretty-much-the-same-but-that's-not-a-bad-thing way), but I will have finished Fruits Basket 9 (and put book 10 in my queue along with Red River 12 and Fairies' Landing 9) and started Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days book 1. Angelic Days will turn out to be based on that scene from the final episode of the anime where the characters were leading ordinary lives at school, but extended such that they all go to NERV and presumably become Eva pilots. It will be an inspiring idea that will lead me to rethink the opening of Neon Revelation Evangelion and consider attempting to rewrite and continue it... probably after reviewing the Platinum version of the anime in accordance with the Prophecy.

In addition, I will have watched Room Service while playing a bit more Legaia 2. My attempts to kill the fire wolf and rescue the cat will be successful and profitable, and I will have ventured into the volcano, where most of the enemies will surprisingly not only have turned out to be vulnerable to fire, but it will be their elemental weakness. However, one type of enemy will be invulnerable to fire, which will waste exactly one of Maya's attacks.

With that done, and a Marie Callender's pot pie as well as a can of Chef Boiardi's canned pasta consumed, I will watch the Ranma 1/2 episode that introduces Ukyou to the cast in its original Japanese before trying to fall asleep. If I do manage to sleep, it will be after midnight, and therefore invisible to the ineffable Prophecy of the Day of Prophecy. This is unfortunate, but inevitable.

The high point of my day will have been the sign which read "ELEVATOR TEMPERLY TEMP. CLOSED".