June 28th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

Anyone hungry... for news?

A tennis shoe forces Albany to shut down The Eternal Flame. I think they should have just let it burn. If it caused some damage, maybe that would show the idiot who threw it the consequences of a stupid prank.

A woman's clearly psychotic ex-boyfriend mails her a severed finger. No word yet on whether she's planning to hide it in some Wendy's chili.

An LSU streaker is ordered to pay a huge fine and put on probation for a year. This was the bargain he struck to avoid facing a felony obscenity charge. A felony! For being naked! Ladies and gentlemen... never shower again. The government has spoken... nudity is obscene and criminal. Also, be careful when changing clothes. Be sure to put the new pair of underwear on OVER your pants, then take the pants off from inside the underwear. It can be done.

A guy who paid a parking fine and wrote "BULL SHIT MONEY GRAB" on the memo line of the check faces contempt charges. Just imagine if he'd written "Payment for parking trap."

Ooh, The Twinkies Cookbook! If they don't have Twinkie Weiner Sandwiches (with Easy Cheese) in there, I'm going to be very upset.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Bridge: I think Kelly fell a bit too in love with her diamonds today. She declared three diamond contracts, I believe, and missed them all. She also declared a heart contract that missed (due to a failure to pull trump, I believe), and Keith got to play a club contract that also didn't fare well, even though Dan didn't lead any of his hearts to my void. I'm pretty sure that at least one of their contracts was makeable, and was only off due to a failure to pull trump. She also blundered quite a bit by sluffing instead of overruffing once. I think we ended up with about 700 points without ever declaring a contract.

Today's Work: I haven't quite fixed a problem that's been irking me for some time, where messages that we send have no source address, and I know it's because the system isn't properly disseminating the address to the data links when I enter it. It's just a matter of figuring out why not and how to make it work. I don't want to go so far as to make it propagate the value when I don't need it to, but that will work as an extreme solution. I think I need to investigate what it does when it reads the file where the source address is stored, because I think that's the real problem. I also discovered that our untested correlation module doesn't work, but that's not really MY problem. I have to deal with it, but I do that by passing it off to someone else.

I moved most of the rest of my stuff over, leaving behind only the last of the cleaning supplies, a roll of paper towels, the vacuum, and a few toiletries. I expect that I can throw most of the rest of the stuff away now. I also half-shaved and managed not to call quite a few people before mrbubba got to the phone before her (nonexistent) answering machine could. So we have chatted.

And now it's time to finish up the Seven of Seven DVD and figure out what I'll want to watch next. Staring at all these Scrapped Princess figurines makes that seem like a good choice, but I should start Boys Be or Dirty Pair soon, or maybe even Devil Lady. Other series I need to continue include Now and Then, Here and There and Sailor Moon. But I might just grab a Ranma DVD to put off the choice for another few nights.

EDIT: I forgot to mention the funniest part of my day. When I got home from work, there were two messages from the apartment management. One of them was at about 8:30 telling me that they were going to show my apartment at 10. The other was at 4:07 telling me they were going to show my apartment at 4:15. They both told me to call them if there was a problem... how? When? I've been told that it's illegal for them to enter without giving at least 24 hours' notice, but at this point, I don't really care.