June 19th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

News from the rainy weekend

The mayor of Jersey City was arrested for breaking up an argument. If anyone's inclined to side with the police, note that they also tackled his wife when she tried to rescue his glasses. It wasn't a good weekend for mayors; the mayor of Newark (Ohio) sent an E-mail advertising his son's business to city workers, then fined himself for it.

A guy gets drunk and takes a street sweeper for a joyride. What's interesting is that I lived a few doors down from a Michael Moran, I believe, and he'd probably be about 26 now. But that was in Louisiana, so I don't imagine it's the same one. It could have been worse, though... he could have used a bulldozer.

Woman brings crack to court. At least she didn't put it on an ice cream sundae (then not-so-subtly ask the arresting officer if she could eat it before it melted), but one has to wonder how much weed she dumped in the front lawn on her way in.

A billboard honoring a spelling bee participant misspells her last name.

Indiana neighbors argue via roadside signs. "Your dog killed my rabbits, so I shot and burned him." You know, the typical content of a country song for the enjoyment of drivers.

A guy digging his way to a water valve is half-buried in sand. It must have been packed pretty tight to prevent him from digging himself out and hamper rescue efforts as much as it did.

Man steals pants, then hides in donut shop. The other branch of police headquarters. Then he tries to eat the tags to destroy the evidence. *sigh* To become a criminal over a pair of pants....

Winnie the Pooh is banned from Turkish TV because there's a piglet in it. No surprise there... Saudi TV showed Tiny Toon Adventures with Hamton cut out.

Screech from "Saved by the Bell" is trying to sell enough shirts to save his home from foreclosure. I know some of you watched that show. Don't you want a T-shirt autographed by the Screech? Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... no, wait, that's the Fonz.

A Japanese bomb squad defuses a box of beer cans. I can just picture it. "But there are rules against drinking on the job!" "Dammit, Tanaka, this IS the job! *glug glug glug*"

More on the rugby streaker's bikini sale. Her ex-boyfriend wants the money, and she wants to watch another match even if it means being tied to a chair. I say give her the Misa-Misa treatment - handcuffs, ankle cuffs, and about 50 feet of chains. "If we don't come back, someone should be here to release you in 24 hours."

And finally, President Bush apologizes for making fun of a reporter's degenerative vision disease. In his defense, he only did it to avoid having to answer a tough political question.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Bridge: Sure enough, I was in, and we didn't do too badly. The fact that we lost was unfortunate and preventable. We were in a 4D Dbl contract in the last hand, which would have given us the victory, but Steve neglected to run a second trump finesse to finish pulling the trump, which would have set up the thirteenth club, giving us the tricks we needed. I harped on him a bit, but I think we all need to see situations like that for what they are. I made the mistake myself of sluffing a 6 of spades and setting up Dan's 5, even though I knew I'd need the spade for later. We still set them, but it was a misplay all the same.

Today's Work: I spent most of the morning figuring out what problem I was working on Friday, then actually solving the problem, only to discover that it wasn't, in fact, the problem I needed to work on. Every message I send out appears to have the priority bit set, and it was only this afternoon that I began to reason that, perhaps, it's the message display that's wrong and the message itself is fine. I wanted to look into that, but there was a Severe Thunderstorm Watch, so I wanted to get home before the rain hit. If I hadn't stopped for gas, I might have made it. But after I got off base, I could see again, and the rain stopped completely halfway home. Severe weather really does seem to target the base and stay there.

I got an interesting call today from my apartment management, letting me know that they'll be showing my apartment on Wednesday to a guy who might want to move in August 1st, and they'll need me to clear out before then if he does. That would get me out of at least a month of rent. I think that's worth whatever it takes to greatly accelerate my moveout schedule.

I watched the MST3K version of Manos again, for no reason other than that I could. Meanwhile, I got my FFT party set up about the way I think I'll keep them, although there are a few secondary skillsets that I'll continue to play with depending on the situation. Collapse )

I ate too much ice cream just now. That can't be good. But it wasn't as sweet as Full Moon wo Sagashite volume 3, which is so abundantly cute that it makes me happy even when it's sad. Another thing that makes me happy is taking a shower and going to bed, which I'm about to do, since it's already that time. I'd love to watch some Yucie, but I don't think that will happen tonight either.