June 17th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

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It was a pretty standard day. I started with some Legaia 2, including a first run at the Centurion Challenge (I got to the second chest without too much difficulty, then decided I'd had enough for a while), then set up Final Fantasy Tactics and picked up at a file that seems to be pretty late in the game. My party at that point is almost set. Collapse ) I also used the cheat codes in Banjo-Kazooie to get the Stop 'N Swop items, just because.

We had the bottomless pasta bowl at Fazoli's for lunch, then hit the bookstore, where I was almost hoping to find very little so I could place my online order for the DVDs of Princess Tutu, Boys Be, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Kaleido Star New Wings that I'm missing. Instead, I found a giant stack of books. Angel Diary 3, Fullmetal Alchemist 8, Cromartie High School 6, Inu-Yasha 26, Death Note 6, I"s 8, Tenshi Ja Nai 3, MÄR 8, Tenjou Tenge 7, a new Boogiepop novel, Bizenghast 2, Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden 4, Girls Bravo 4, Prince of Tennis 14, Honey Mustard 4, and Fairies' Landing 13. I also spotted the Fruits Basket card game and figured I'd get it. If nothing else, it can function as a deck of cards. It seemed like enough of a haul to be worth my last Personal Shopping Day, so I picked up the two Beavis & Butthead DVD sets, the Superbit DVD of Labyrinth (it turns out that Superbit means they enhance the video quality by stripping out all the special features and using the space for better quality video), and Blazing Saddles as the freebie, because I still haven't seen it from the beginning. The cashier who checked me out noticed the collection and was impressed by my list. Since the line had disappeared behind me, we chatted for a bit about a local gaming guild, and she gave me some online contact information and a webpage URL. I think that's the modern equivalent of getting her number. And while I was interested, I didn't ask aside from saying that I hoped we could bump into each other again, although she spends most of her work time in the café. I don't know how I do it. I just do.

I got a few notices from the insurance company today. One was addressed here and contained a refund for the balance of the old renter's policy, which has been canceled as of the new homeowner's policy, and the other was a bill for the auto insurance, sent to the apartment. I guess they forgot to change my address on both policies. But I haven't told them yet that Curt's living with me, and I think that may drive the premium up a bit. I hope not, because this premium and my apartment rent will cost almost the entire take-home of my most recent paycheck. That's to say nothing of food and gas, manga and anime, incidental repair costs, and other unexpected expenses. Oh well. It'll all be over soon. Well, the apartment rent will be, and the auto insurance premium only comes due every six months.

For dinner, I made a DiGiorno garlic bread pizza, and it was awesome. The texture of the crust was great, but the effect it had on the flavor was unbelievable. I'm determined to find a way to turn our crusts into garlic bread and still make the pizza work, and Curt thinks it should be possible to make a garlic sauce out of the olive oil we usually use for the crust and probably substitute directly. Thoughts? I think that would be best in the Alfredo sauce rather than the ranch.

The weather reports have been predicting clear weather until Sunday evening... and the storm tonight was brief but intense enough to make me shut down my computer. Rolling thunder, lots of lightning, and pounding rain intensified by strong wind. Sounds a little like a Legaia 2 battle, but not much. Given that it's still raining, I'm going to shut down and get to bed.