June 15th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

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To prove to his girlfriend how important it is to take risks (like accepting a marriage proposal), this guy ran around the neighborhood naked and ended up getting shot at. The moral of the story is apparently that, if you agree to marry a crazy naked guy, people will try to shoot you.

A man looking for gold dug a 60-foot hole in his yard. "The captain said we were sailing in circles because all our gold jewelry was throwing off his radar. So we dumped it all into the ocean. We sailed a while longer, still trusting our captain, until he finally told us to stop and scour the ocean floor for treasure. Well, we did, and guess what we found!" "A giant pile of discarded pirate jewelry?" "Right! Have you heard this story before?"

This bank robber knows where it's at... he bought and put on a cowboy outfit AFTER robbing the bank. Clearly a town with slow police responses.

A Leicester man sweetens his resignation by mailing an endangered tarantula to a colleague.

A plumber buys a new bathroom vanity and finds drugs inside. They're finding more creative places to hide their stashes, that's for sure.

A guy's own dog bites him until he surrenders to police. Not that it was trying to be a hero or anything... it didn't like being bounced around in the car.
Moa: The King of Destruction

Random Observation

Not so much an observation as a reminder to myself, but that's what I've been calling them so far... don't talk about food during a 6-hour fast. I had to cram down lunch early today, because I forgot when scheduling things that noon home time is only 11 work time, so I had to be done eating before our usual lunch period started. Then I told that Garfield's story about the time I ordered a pork sandwich and got a cheesesteak, and couldn't convince our waitress that she'd brought the wrong sandwich. Now I'm craving one of those sandwiches... whichever one. It doesn't matter. Instead, I get water for the next four hours. Good thing 1:15 work time is already 2:15 home time.

Speaking of time zones, they've added a "Crane" label to the Central clock in the break room, just in case anyone doesn't know where they are and what time it is here. That almost makes sense. But what's really funny is that the clocks are off by about four seconds from each other (aside from the one hour difference, obviously), and they're both atomic clocks.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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It will be sockschan's birthday tomorrow, but last I heard, she doesn't care. Oh well.

The physical was quick and easy, although it seems that I've shrunk a bit. Maybe it's because it was late in the day. She said people can lose up to an inch in height over the course of the day. Then we made tacos, and I couldn't quite finish mine, but I wasn't expecting to. Now I have leftovers.

Today's Bridge: Mike joined us, so we managed to play. Paul and I partnered up, and I started with a beautiful 17 point hand that ended up in 4H, off two. We had four losers we couldn't get rid of and a superfit in clubs, allowing Dan to get a ruff. I wanted to play in 4C, which couldn't have been off more than one. I doubt I could have made it, because we were missing two aces. We did make a 4S contract, though, when Dan kept attacking hearts instead of any other suit at all, which would have set us. They bid quite a few game contracts, but the only one they made was a 3S with an overtrick. Good for us.

Today's Manga reading: Eyeshield 21 book 4. Hooray for new characters!

I started on the last set of sidequests in KH2 last night. I got the required score in the first one on my first try, and the third will be pretty trivial. The second, though... I tried three times, and could only get 1229 out of 1300. I have ideas, though. I also need to give the fourth one a go. If I can just beat those, it's on to synthesis item farming until everything in the game is complete except for the final boss. Bring it.

Think I'll go get started on that now, actually. I should watch the last episode I have of Hare Nochi Guu first, though. Just in case someone calls. Nobody ever does, but I could be surprised. The Plague of Aces covers everything but Bridge.

Oh, and sometime this weekend, I need to do a "what's wrong with Nido's stories" post explaining why I haven't been writing any of my stories recently and what I can do about it. Both for me and for my fans. Well, fan. Well... maybe someone out there will care.