June 13th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

Almost no news. Almost.

A strange man climbs into a woman's bed. Now that all the single women on my list have their nightmare fodder for the day, let's move on.

Reporters discover wild marijuana growing on a courthouse lawn. That probably explains a lot. Who wants to bet that when they removed the plants, they found a plaque with the Ten Commandments on it?

And in the last story I care about today, two store clerks beat an armed robber with a pipe. And now he's suing them. My feeling, as always, is that when you commit a crime, you give up some basic rights. And I'm quite happy to let those rights be decided by a judge after the fact. The right not to be beaten with a pipe is only guaranteed as long as you're not robbing stores, I say.
Moa: The King of Destruction

Random Observation

You know, compared to some people on my list (I won't name names), I don't post nearly as often about the random things I notice throughout the day. I try to remember some to post that evening, particularly when they happen while I'm driving, but I always forget. Well, I just went to the break room for the first time today and noticed that there are now two clocks on the wall where yesterday there were none. There's a clock marking the time in the Eastern time zone, where most of us live, and one in the Central time zone, where all of us work. And my question is: Who's the moron who can't figure out that you have to add one hour to Central time to get Eastern time and needs a separate clock to keep track of it? And why is that moron still working here?
Moa: The King of Destruction

(no subject)

jadestar4 and swhitetiger614 have birthdays tomorrow. Whee!

Today's Texas Hold-'Em: We couldn't find enough people for Bridge, so we decided to have a go at Poker instead. It taught me that I'm not very good at poker. Oh well. I tried.

Today's Work: Because Dan wants to know. I found some things in the part I worked on months ago that needed fixing up, so I fixed them up. This is why I always check over things before I submit them for peer review. I wrote up some changes for the manual (minor stuff, really) and am just waiting for some administration before I finally get this off my plate and onto someone else's.

Today's Entertainment: I spent the entire afternoon talking to cutest_sandgirl. No, really. I called her at about 6:15 and we talked until 8, when both of our batteries were almost dead and House was starting. We talked about everything from pets to why the job market is doomed to extinction to the overarching plot of Mystery Science Theater 3000, complete with a brief rendition of Torgo's theme, which was the second scariest part of Manos: The Hands of Fate. (The scariest part being that someone made that movie and believed it was worth putting on film and showing to other people. Then again, I think that about some of my early stories, too.) Then I watched two episodes of House while trying to consume as many of the random snack foods lying around as I could. I decided to get rid of the expired salsa at long last, and just used sour cream as a dip for the Ranch Pringles. It worked out well enough to satisfy me. I also finished reading the last book of the Shishio arc in Rurouni Kenshin and started book 4 of Angel Sanctuary... still no idea who's who and what's going on, so I have to keep referring to the character list, but I think it's going to get better now that I'm in the second "book".

And I've probably got time to finish the Guu DVD AND either play some FF9/FFT or watch an episode of another series. But since I never expected this day to come, I haven't chosen my next series yet. I may just hit FF9 hard and fast and see what happens in it. It's always possible that I'll get to the end or a really boring part and switch over to Tactics on my own. Or I'll get back to KH2... which reminds me, I still haven't so much as looked at the Paradox tournaments yet. Must do that.