June 10th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

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I went to Borders today and found Hot Gimmick 11, as well as the ninth DVD of Fullmetal Alchemist, but I didn't have a copy of my list with me, so I decided to put off buying anything until tomorrow. I've got more cleaning to do anyway. Curt swept up most of the dust while I threw out some junk and loaded up the car (which reminds me, I never did get around to unloading it... oops) and scrubbed the kitchen counter. The stove needs another good scrubbing, and the bathroom hasn't been touched much, but I'll be at that side of town tomorrow anyway. We're also planning to look into the laundry room tap to see what will be the easiest way to fix the leak... and it just occurred to me that maybe that's why the former owners didn't leave a washing machine here. So I wouldn't notice the leak. Can't imagine that's true, but it makes me think.

Curt and I picked up some old favorite games today from his stash. He's playing through Earthbound again, and I'm playing good old Banjo Kazooie. It's got to have the worst controls of all the N64 3-D platformers. I'd forgotten just how early it was... just a bit more sophisticated than Mario 64, but nowhere near as manageable as Donkey Kong 64 would be. I miss having a button that lets me swim faster. And who the heck makes a 3-D platformer with a character who can't grab ledges and pull himself up? That's what makes narrow ledges negotiable! Curt played a little of Banjo Tooie, and it looks like they fixed that problem, at least. But I've still got two full worlds to go, and somehow, a note slipped by me in the haunted house world and I couldn't take another run-through, so my score stands at 99 until I feel like going back there to collect every note again.

So I spent most of the afternoon trying to get my printer working again, which is why I didn't have a printed copy of my list. I plugged it in expecting it to work, and it tried to install some new driver. No idea what it was or why, but the computer couldn't find the printer. I thought it was a USB conflict, but uninstalling and reinstalling the printer and the USB drivers didn't seem to help. In the end, I removed the USB driver and rebooted to refresh it, then re-added the printer using the drivers from the CD, and it miraculously worked again. This also means that any intention I might have had of swapping it with the scanner or the external hard drive probably won't happen. Hard enough to have one flaky device on here.

And a thunderstorm appears out of nowhere. I hope Curt's party is indoors. I'm going to go make sure the doors are locked and shut down for bed. Very busy day tomorrow.