June 9th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

Stop! I have news!

A judge has been ordered to keep her dogs at home when she goes to court. Is this really something people need to be told? Wait... I read customers_suck... of course it is.

A Colorado U.S. Representative candidate got an envelope full of dog poop... with a return address. This must mean that the dropper tried to take it to the post office first. The stupidity of some people....

Two Boston women finally pass their high school graduation exams after 11 tries. They're being applauded for their perserverance, which makes sense in a way. We don't want to encourage people to give up. I know several people just on my friends list who've failed academically, then gone on to succeed, either where they failed the first time or elsewhere.

"Mr. Wilburn and Mrs. Sepulveda were in the classroom making babies and I saw one of the babies and it looked at me."

A woman, upset that her new puppy had died, beat the breeder with the dead puppy. Way to preserve its memory, lady. Why not just collect some of its poop and shove it through her mail slot like a normal idiot?

Euclid, OH, has a new law requiring window blinds to look nice. Substitutes like blankets, garbage bags, and blinds that don't work will not be permitted. This law comes right on the heels of the law stating that parallel streets are not allowed to intersect within town borders.

Australian scientists are searching for the ugliest sheep. It's not a contest... they want to learn how to make good wool by studying what makes bad wool. Also, they've got a lot of extra mint jelly lying around.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Bridge: We won a rubber easily enough. It was 4S, a few small sets (off two vulnerable, and off two again doubled, which I could have held to one), and a capping 2C opener that led to 3NT with an overtrick. Then we played a final heart hand, which I think we made, but Paul didn't take full advantage of my long clubs. I think we may have had a play for 6.

Today's Work: The end of the first peer review, a unit test, and... that was it, really. Wrapping up those comments took a bit longer than I'd expected.

Today's Entertainment: I played a bit more FF9 (Oeilvert... *shudder*), bothered to watch The Daily Show and half of South Park, then finished with most of The Cocoanuts before bed. Manga-wise, most of my reading consisted of the first book of Black Cat. It's inspired a Gunslinger Girl story, and I think everyone on my list who's familiar with both of those series (all none of you) already know what it is. I just have to figure out one more small detail about it, which is everything. And probably read book 2, so I can find out exactly what becomes of Eve. It's looking like she's going to be the Mamet of Black Cat. (Mamet being, of course, the Eiko of Junk Force. So is Eiko the Chibi-Usa of FF9?) It probably won't work, but my entire fanfic career has been writing stories that don't work. Those few of you who've read my stuff know what I'm talking about.

Meanwhile, I've got some cleaning to do tomorrow. First I need to clean myself, then I need to clean up my act, then I clean the apartment, and finally clean myself again, getting the carpet and my act dirty in the process. I clean clocks, I clean sweeps, and I can even clean house. But I don't do windows. I'm a Linux man. (Yep, too much Marx Brothers. Why a duck?)