May 24th, 2006

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News a bit earlier?

An update on that killer cat story from some time ago. The owner wants to get special probation without having to put the cat down. That seems only fair to me. The plaintiff is being a bitch. Speaking of killer cats and bitches, this guy shot a mountain lion that was attacking his dog. It didn't die, which is probably fortunate for him, because I don't know if he had a hunting license. Meanwhile, wildlife officials say they tagged the lion due to a recent history of human encounters. We see how well that works. "If he attacks you, we'll know about it, and we can come pick up your body once it's done."

A school bans shirts with Sesame Street characters hodling weapons. The school shouldn't HAVE to ban them. Anyone with an ounce of fashion sense should be burning them by now... preferably before removing them from the people wearing them.

A Bible college student steals his roommate's debit card and uses it to make phone sex calls. Now, I realize that stories like this one represent a minority of actual religious students, and religious people in general. But the conclusion they have to draw from this, I think, is that the student was never serious about his faith before, or he wouldn't have done something like this later. But then why was he admitted to the school in the first place? Didn't someone have to think he believed and was serious? Is someone faithful until they go back on their faith, at which point they never were? Is it really possible to fall from grace, or was there no grace there to begin with? Does it matter at all what his fellows on Earth thought? And if not, why the hell are there Jehova's Witnesses?

A woman beats her husband and the woman he was cheating with on the head with a can of Raid. Rexburg police arrived on the scene, then realized it was an actual scene of violence and called for backup from the Girl Scouts.

Remember the chicken that got mouth-to-beak resuscitation after nearly drowning? Of course not. It was in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, the city of brother-and-sisterly love. (I'm positive I've used that joke before.) Boo Boo has sustained her final boo-boo. But the rescue brought her three months of additional life, during which she laid three eggs. I'm told they were delicious.

This Lithuanian guy has probably set a record for being drunk... twice the level of intoxication that should have been fatal. He was also driving at the time, which may give him another record... harshest drunk driving penalty.
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Today's Bridge: Kim is definitely learning. Not only did she quickly pick up on a few things I mentioned today, but she asked some questions afterward and seemed to understand the things I mentioned. There was one rather questionable auction, but it was hardly crippling, and it pushed them up into a contract they just couldn't make. Dan made a valiant try to bid a slam on the final hand, which kept us out of a worthwhile contract, but he ended in 5D and made it because he got to sluff clubs and avoid two losers there.

Today's Work: Still haven't sent in my peer review comments yet, but I'll get to it. Meanwhile, I'm back to my actual work, and while I didn't get far today, it's a pretty big step.

Today's Manga: I've been reading Pichi Pichi Pitch, in case anyone couldn't tell. I thought it started out slow and offered very little beyond any other magical girl series, but now it's moving rather well and offers little beyond any other magical girl series... in fact, it's almost a carbon copy of Mink if Minkle were mermaids. But that's plenty for me, honestly enough. It should prove to be a fun series. And the bad guy is based on Gackt. Now I'm reading Bleach 13... same great taste. And the thunderstorm warnings have finally caught up with us and become an actual storm, so I'll post this before the power goes out and hope for the best.