May 22nd, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

Here we go again with the news

We've read lots of stories about cats and dogs starting fires, and even a snake, but who would ever have thought a catfish could start a fire?

Teens huffing aerosol set their car on fire while they're inside. I bet they tried to blame it on the catfish, those lousy stoners.

And then this guy set his own house on fire trying to smoke out a raccoon. And he proudly claims that he's learned nothing and would do the same thing again. Paging Mr. Darwin!

A Civil War fort that never saw any action is up for auction on eBay. I bet Elvis never lived there.

Anyone remember that old movie "The Little Kidnappers", which I'm pretty sure was made by Disney? Didn't you think it was so cute that the little kids had kidnapped a baby just so they could take care of it? Look at the list of charges on this 10-year-old girl who took the family SUV for a spin with her little brother. Kidnapping, false imprisonment, vehicle theft, careless driving, driving without a license, and not using a child restraint. Man, that's quite a rap sheet for a little girl.

The first wild sighting of a polar bear/grizzly hybrid. And it's been shot.

A fat bitch is undergoing weight-loss therapy. Now, the story is about a dog, but the picture is of the smiling columnist... it's just perfect.

Prosecutors think this woman's baby died from drinking cocaine in her breast milk. I don't care whether that's the official cause of death or not... that's just damned irresponsible.

A real criminal genius steals a gumball machine from the police station. Yes, brainbox. Now you're a criminal too, over a gumball machine. Real intelligent there.

Beware the rampaging deer. We already know about their proclivity toward attacking moving cars, but now they're attacking pedestrians. No mode of transportation is safe! Heck, they've even got flying sleighs for attacking planes!
Moa: The King of Destruction

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rita_mtr_maid has a birthday tomorrow! Um... potatoes.

Today's Bridge: Paul asked me what color king I wanted today... and the king was his. I warned him not to make fun of me. The opponents started out with a strong 5D, but then we bounced back with a 4H that shouldn't have been possible. I crossruffed without pulling trump, until Steve had to lead a heart around to my A-K-10. Then they made a few little partscores with overtricks, and I got desperate enough to bid a 5D that wasn't going to make, particularly with the 4-0 split. The final hand was a 1D where we really needed game, but I fell short of that with just 10 tricks. Three losers, no way to get rid of them, and a 4-1 split. That was 8 diamonds in Kelly's hand over two hands of defending diamond contracts. How does she DO that?

Today's Insurance news: They're going to get back to me tomorrow with a quote. I'm raising my coverage to more than triple what it was, though, and doubling my deductible. We'll see what that does to the figure.

Today's Peer Review: Almost done. I just need to clean it up and make sure I didn't miss anything.

Today's Hot Gimmick: It's been way too long since I read anything from this series. Probably for the best, since I can't remember when they last published a new book.

Today's Pizza Experiment: Ranch dressing (a blend of three cheese and bacon ranch dressings), frozen broccoli, mushrooms, pepperoni, and straight mozzarella cheese. Olive oil on the outer crust only. It turned out quite well, but we're really looking forward to using chicken, bacon, and cucumbers, keeping the pepperoni, and using a blend of mozzarella cheese, with maybe colby and maybe romano, which was in the ranch. I'm planning jambalaya tomorrow, so hopefully, I can leave in time to go pick up the big saucepan from the apartment before cooking time. I could probably use Curt's new Dutch Oven, but that would only be necessary if we decide to make a family-sized portion. We probably should... I want to use chicken, sausage, AND shrimp again. Which reminds me... I didn't put the chicken in to thaw yet. Must do that when I go down for some water from the Brita.

I'm thinking of finishing A Day at the Races tonight, if I can find it, while I search the castle in SotN a bit more. Some Read or Die would be nice, too, but I like to set manageable goals.