May 10th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

Mostly sad news... not a lot of happy news

A student is suspended for singing a song about shooting a teacher. Probably a bad choice of songs, but here, I'm inclined to think that the teacher probably overreacted. I've had way too many experiences with teachers overreacting, like a newbie teacher who decided to leave her class unattended to march me personally to the principal's office for doing absolutely nothing, which is what I'd been told to do, by her if I remember correctly. Somehow, she didn't even trust me to report to the office. I will never understand that. It's not like I had my mom help me bake laxative cookies for her... although, after that stunt, I may have been tempted.

This is what people use college degrees for anymore - reprogramming gas pumps to get free gas. I think I heard part of this story on last night's news, after House and before I could turn the TV off. I believe they're going to use the surveillance cameras to find the people who got free gas and make them pay for it. I know I'd go inside if I got a $0 receipt... and I'd probably only proceed to fill my tank at $0 per gallon because I want to finish the transaction rather than walking away from the pump and leaving it with my credit card information. I'd pay for the gas once they figured out the correct charge.

An Indiana high school student asks his friend to hit him with his car. Darwin falls asleep at the wheel and the kid just ends up in the hospital. This is why the human race becomes stupider every day.

A Christian bookstore owner corners a robber with a pair of scissors. Then he says that the sound of police guns being cocked was like angel voices. I wonder how he'd know.

A couple of former dog owners get an award for their neighbors' python killing their terrier. I think the snake owner was really irresponsible, but they admitted to having let the dog off its leash, and I hate that. They probably never cleaned up after it, either, and I hate that even more. Sucks that the dog had to pay for its owners' mistakes, but life isn't always fair. We learned that in last night's House. "We can always just get another dog, honey. One that we won't kill."
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Bridge: They got away with a game in the last hand, but we won with two underbid hands that made 5S each. Also a 3D that I wasn't happy with Paul for leaving after Kelly had overcalled in diamonds, but I think it was the only contract we could make.

Today's Work: Made a lot of progress. The rest is almost all grunt work.

Today's Message for someone out there: I'm always here for you. It's a tough time, but remember that it's happened to many people, and they've gone on to be just fine or even better because of it. This, too, shall end. ^_^

Today's Weather: Tornado watch, as usual. Joy joy. So I'm going to post early and get offline.

So why didn't anyone tell me the We Love Katamari soundtrack was out already? Now I'll be the last one to get my copy. But I'll order the rest of Princess Tutu at the same time. Reminds me that I need to change my address on that order, actually... better get on that.