May 4th, 2006

RahXephon Cat

More news than before I posted it

Woman told to remove a snake from her porch tries to set fire to it. I don't gather that snakes are particularly flammable.

A chef stabs a waiter who complains about a rotten tomato. Here's the punchline: "It's a good thing he didn't tell him about the dirty fork!"

Courthouse metal detectors are sensitive enough to pick up underwire bras, and the male guards seem to enjoy wanding the women. (At least they're not using their WiiWands.) I think they're right... it may well be on purpose. So wouldn't not wearing bras with underwires be the obvious solution? Ladies, I clearly don't get it. Tell me why a woman can't go without her underwires.

A man tries to smuggle in contraband food from Mexico in a diaper. I suppose he planned to eat it afterward... probably a good thing for him that he didn't make it.

A woman wants a cat put to death because it attacked her. Hello! That's what cats DO.

A New Jersey family has two sets of triplets in three years. They're not octuplets, but that's a lot of babies.

A church bell was stolen from a backyard. This will require Musashi to learn to walk on water so he can drop into the well and retrieve it.

A guy kills a dog by putting it through the washing machine. Apparently, he's been kidnapping other dogs as well.

A man is arrested when his safe full of kiddy porn is stolen and turned in. I'm going to assume he didn't report it stolen.

A lawmaker rides a golf cart to work. I wonder where, exactly, he does this "work".

A bank robber who dressed as a witch and vanished in a puff of smoke got 13 years in prison. What a lucky number.

A 14-year-old high school graduate turns down a full scholarship from a Maine university because they don't let her stay in a dorm. I wonder how she'd feel about that if she read a series about dorm life like Beauty is the Beast or Here is Greenwood.

More college professors are banning laptops in their classrooms. I still think it's the business of the students if they don't want to pay attention. And how are they expected to take notes? Pencil and paper is just as much of a distraction as a computer. I can't write while making eye contact. Can you?
Moa: The King of Destruction

Car news

As I suspected, there's a lot of work needed. The brakes are worn down, two tires need to be replaced, spark plugs, a coolant flush, and the fog light needs to be special ordered. That's not as big a deal... I can always just leave work early one day after it gets in and let them install it then, or get it done when I take off work to get a new license (which I think will require new registration as well, although that's a maybe) and apply for my tax credits. The downside is that all the work is going to cost a little over $700. The upside is that I got paid yesterday, so I'm still above my safety figure even with that expense. I don't think there are many other big expenses associated with the move... homeowner's insurance should be about it. No worries.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Bridge: A true exercise in frustration. Kim has shown that not only is she not grasping the basics (which isn't a problem in and of itself, as there are a lot of things to learn), but she fails to realize that she has a lot to learn, and refuses to ask questions before doing things. The biggest problem we face is that she loves the word "pass". Any time she doesn't know what to do, she passes. I went so far as to go against my principles and preface a 4NT bid with "You are forbidden to say anything until you've asked what this bid means!" That hand saw us in a heart slam that really couldn't be made, but I gave the opponents the opportunity to screw up, and Dan was forced to take his ace of clubs when I had the last losing clubs, and his diamond lead set me up for a ruff-and-sluff. The even distribution killed us except for the scenario where an opponent wins the trick and leads something we don't have, and that's exactly what happened.

Today's Ass-bastard Realtor: Didn't show again. I think I'm going to look into a civil suit whether he ever makes good on his responsibilities or not. If my credit rating is damaged because I can't get my bills, which are the first bills with payment information on accounts I don't have access to until I get the bills from the mail, I think I can get quite a bit of compensation for that. Even so, I want the association dues and taxes prorated until such time as the contract is fulfilled. Ten days overdue and counting. The poor sellers are the ones who will be hit for it, unfortunately, but I'm sure they'll get theirs back from him.

Today's Work: Some success. Still questions that need answering and algorithms that need checking, but I'll get to it all.

Today's Moving: I filled all of my small boxes and a few big ones with books, then moved them to the condo and dumped them in the living room. Two more agonizing trips like that will almost have all the manga moved, although I still need to lug all the boxes upstairs and dump them in the closets to free up the boxes for more trips. Curt's busying himself most of the weekend, so I'll be doing it all on my own, and in the end, I'll just have to dump the manga and DVDs right here in the apartment so we can get the furniture moved on Sunday. Then I'll have the bookshelves to put books on instead of dumping them in closets. Meanwhile, I've got a pretty big stack of manga to last me until Sunday, most of them first books of series I haven't started yet. And after all that, I really need a shower and lots of sleep. It's a good thing I have almost four more months left to make this move... I think I'm going to need it. At least the car seems to be running better, for now. No idea what state it'll be in after more book runs, but I really don't have the boxes or the time to get them all on the truck. It's the downside of having such a huge collection.