May 3rd, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

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Man gets glued to Wal-Mart toilet. I wonder if he'll sue them for it... there's certainly precedent.

A Texas mother brings a gun to her parent-teacher meeting. I'm sure she's not the first parent to be suspended from school, but that's still a pretty dubious honor.

A man has won the lottery three times. Of course, he seems to spend tons of money on scratch-off tickets. If I spent that much, i think I'd probably win too. Still, he sure is taunting God with all that talk of lightning.

A pizza delivery guy borrows the car he uses for transporting dead bodies to make his delivery. That's not against the law, but it had an expired inspection sticker. Then this limo driver made a prom run drunk and lost her license for a year... it's just not a good day for professional drivers. Nor for regular drivers... this woman's SUV was smashed by a falling airplane part just after she got out of it. I think she'd have a better chance of winning the lottery than that happening again.

A woman gives birth to a baby under a stolen identity. This is what happens when hospitals don't take the time to check ID properly.

Is anyone in the market for a large-breasted mermaid statue? I'd take it, but I don't have a lawn and I'm still trying to get the mental image of Ariel having sex with a Nobody out of my mind. Don't ask.

A woman who's had 20 husbands by age 104 isn't stopping there. She's marrying a guy 1/3 her age, which is pretty weird. But then, that's Malaysia, where the toilets are so dirty that the government advises them to contact human rights boards. They're working on cleaning that up. I assume that the motto is "Look at Singapore. They're tiny, and they've got cleaner toilets than us. Come on, people. Freaking SINGAPORE!"

Some concerns arise about American schoolchildren not knowing their geography. I'm not surprised, nor do I think most of it's that big a deal, but it makes me laugh that so many of them believe that the U.S./Mexico border is the most heavily guarded in the world. Do they even HAVE guards?

China is now home to the new largest Ferris wheel in the world. I wonder how clean the bathrooms are.
Moa: The King of Destruction

Townhouse update

I just talked to the realtor, and he said that he wasn't able to get back into town yesterday as he'd planned. He's as eager to get this done as we are, though, so we made arrangements for tomorrow night at around 9, assuming that works for sakanagai. I can't make it there myself, since I won't have a car, and it's more important for me to take care of things at the apartment that night rather than hanging around the townhouse. So I'm feeling considerably less upset than I was before, and we should get mailbox access on Thursday for sure. Meanwhile, I'll be moving in most of my electronics tonight, leaving me without video games in the apartment, but I haven't played much in quite a while. Assuming that the car is ready for early Friday morning pickup, I'll have it available on Friday to ship over some manga and DVDs, as well as any other stuff that would be underfoot while trying to move furniture out. Starting Friday, I'll probably be spending most of my time in the townhouse when I'm not actively moving stuff, since that's where the phone and cable services will be, as well as my games. I'll probably disassemble the futon on Sunday morning, whenever I wake up.

Don't forget that there's a new episode of House at 8 tonight. It's opposite Deal or No Deal, but you know which one I'll be watching. (Actually, if we bring the splitter over, we might be able to watch one while the other tapes, but DoND isn't that important, and I'm sure someone who doesn't watch House will give me regular updates. Assuming my DSL is back by tonight, of course.)
Moa: The King of Destruction

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I've learned that Nintendo will be releasing a new handheld unit that can interface with the Wii as well as playing games and downloadable music files and movies. They're calling it the iWii.

And that's my Wii joke.

Today's Bridge: They missed a grand slam in notrump. I couldn't complain. That was probably our best hand, too. We got nothing today.

Today's Work: Did some receive processing stuff, mostly. It wasn't hard. Adding new internal system messages is a snap when you know how. I reworked some code to save data to a file without having to wait for it all to change, but I haven't tested that part yet.

Today's Moving: Got all the video game consoles and the rest of the games, as well as the rack I've been using to hold the games (it's almost full, if not already full) and the TV I played them on. Got all the hookups, too, and left only the speakers and enough wires to connect them to the TV. Those are for the DVD player, naturally. I didn't shuffle any power strips over there yet, because I still need the one I've got, but I'll bring that over on Friday with the big TV and other stuff I don't need the truck for. It's worked so far.