April 25th, 2006

RahXephon Cat

News about people falling into things

Seriously... whether it's a naked man getting stuck in his own chimney, people in a neighborhood notorious for sudden treacherous cesspools, or a sinkhole opening right in someone's house, people seem to be falling into things a lot lately. It almost makes one wonder why this guy would walk into the sewer of his own accord, but not quite. He was probably drunk.

A Concord family has a mummified baby as an heirloom. Investigators are doing what they seem to do best, but I really wonder what they expect to find.

1-800-GOT-JUNK seems to be doing good business. One wonders how much of their revenue comes from scavenging valuables from their hauls. The article makes it seem like quite a bit.

Del Mar College bans Myspace to free up bandwidth for academic purposes. Bastards! How could they care about education? Actually, I was quite happy when Rose did something similar, although in that case, it was a restriction by percentage. Uses that were determined to be recreational, like file-sharing, were capped at 40% of total bandwidth during school hours, 60% outside of class hours during the week, and 90% on weekends. I don't remember any sites being banned outright. But to the Del Mar student quoted in the article... yes, you pay for your resources. You pay for a share of resources that everyone uses. When you use more than your share, then your argument ceases to hold water. When you have to start sharing your dorm room with the football team, but you still pay the same cost, then you'll understand why people are upset.

Six legged cat will have surgery to remove two legs. I don't think they're both the extra ones, though.

The Chinese Army turns away heavy snorers. Heck, send them over here... the American military can't get enough of just about any group of people. Can they be shipped to Iraq quickly? If the answer is yes, they've got what it takes.

That city worker who was fired for surfing the Internet at work has been let off with a reprimand by a judge. Somehow, that comes to me as quite a relief.

So China hates snorers and the U.S. doesn't like web-surfing. At least nobody out there bans gum-chewing! Well, Singapore does, but that's Singapore. Oh, and the Turkish are really offended when a politician chews gum during a ceremony. But there's one country where the rights of the oppressed are actually making headway. And you'd never guess where. Iran will allow women to attend soccer matches. They also let women drive and vote... I didn't realize there was a country like that in the Middle East. I guess I figured they were all more like Saudi Arabia, but then, that IS the home of the two holy cities. There's a Mecca in Indiana, too, but then Indiana's full of weird city names. That's a story for another time.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Bridge: I sat out, but I watched Kim's hand and answered the questions she had about bidding and, occasionally, play. She understands the importance of pulling trump now, I expect. We're still working on the importance of counting to 13.

Today's Work: About all I've figured out is that a pointer is changing itself when I try to store data in it. I think this has happened before, and I never did figure out what was causing it. I made some random changes, and the problem went away. This time... I might try using other functions, like sprintf instead of strncpy, to see if that fixes the problem.

Today's Mood: I was really down for a while. I think it was stress, due to the upcoming condo purchase and other factors. I think I'm over it by now. Having friends is a big plus. *hugs*

House 3, God 3. Interesting.

I think I've been thinking about sex related topics too much recently. There have been a lot of them in my news posts, if nothing else. Maybe that's where some of the stress came from. On a related note, I really need to write something. Just about anything, at this point.