April 20th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

I'm tired. Here's some news.

Guy shoves a showerhead in his girlfriend's mouth and turns it on. Then he breaks her hand.

Hardee's Philly Cheesesteak Burger has actual steak in addition to the burger meat. The Center for Science in the Public Interest doesn't like the idea of unhealthy foods existing. However, the Center for Science in the Interest of Shut the Hell Up says power to the people and give people a choice. If people get fat because they eat too much fast food, that's their own damn fault. That lawsuit sailed a long time ago.

A sheriff's deputy wins the lottery. And they publicized it. Great. Now everyone will think it's possible. Even an old woman in an Atlantic City casino who won $10 million on a nickel slot machine. The story says she hasn't decided whether to take a lump sum for about half of the money or have it paid in annual installments. Lady, you're 84. You won't live to see installments. But I guess it might transfer to her granddaughter upon her death. That would work pretty well.

A Los Angeles woman has the bubonic plague. Actually, I think somebody got this week's episode of House confused with the news. It's okay. It happens.

Meat thieves shove their haul in their pants. I guess it's a pretty good way to ensure that they get to keep the meat.
Moa: The King of Destruction

A five-question interview

I finally decided to take on a five-question interview, because I can't turn down an invitation from purpleparadox. If anyone wants me to interview them, they can reply to this post to request an interview, and I'll ask them five questions. Then they get to answer those five questions in their own livejournal and invite people to ask for interviews, and so on in turn. So here are the five questions, as well as about four and three-halves answers.

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Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Bridge: Kim voluntarily kibitzed my hand, so I went at it as best I could. Dan and I swept the first rubber in two hands, 5C and 3NT, although I think I may have had a play for 6D on the second one. I opened 2C, and with five points and five diamonds to the queen, he bid 2D. 3NT with two overtricks worked well enough. Then the opponents got the better of us for the second rubber. We tried.

Today's Work: Mostly working with a hateful, hateful part of the program. It's in C++ and fully objective, but I don't think that really helps it at all. It's one of those programs where using classes really doesn't add anything but more syntax. It's why I hate Java. But C++ doesn't HAVE to be like that. I like C++ just for the function overloading and default parameters... and being able to declare variables when you need them, rather than always at the top of the function. So I'm creating hundreds of accessor functions for the elements in my new object, and wondering why we can't just make a library out of the conversions I already have for interpreting these messages and reuse those. Well, I suppose I COULD... but I haven't.

Today's Interview Questions: bufi44 seized my interview meme from earlier and asked me questions of her own free will. It's not my popular interview thread, but I'll take a stab at them anyway.

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More Kingdom Hearts 2 tonight, at last, although most of it was minigames. Scoring 30 kills in Light Cycle is not as easy as it sounds. Then I discovered that I need to go back to most of the worlds I've beaten and complete more story objectives before I can get back to the rest of the worlds I've unlocked, including one I never visited the first time. I bet there was some stuff there that would be useful about now. Oh well. As always, I know I can go back there later and do everything. Kingdom Hearts is pretty lenient that way. So I think I'll go play a bit more now. I missed this game. ^_^