April 18th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

A little bird told me some news

Crazy woman splashes acid on wedding guests, apparently including herself. Probably just failed to account for the splashback.

Roosters used to breed chicken for eating are becoming so sexually aggressive that they skip courtship and try to go right to sex. Yes, roosters sexually assault chickens, and when the chickens fight back, they get physically assaulted. The research suggests that it's a genetic thing, which would probably disturb a lot of criminologists, especially when you suggest that it could be genetic in humans as well. Meanwhile, nobody's answering the biggest question of all: If the rooster has sex with the chicken, then who's having sex with the hen?

Man traps his neighbor's cat to have it euthanized. She finds out about it after the job is already done. The guy says there are two sides to every tory, but he refuses to tell his side of this one.

This guy got a ticket for using a device to change traffic lights from red to green. I think there's a device in my car that turns them from green to red. It would explain a lot.

Man tries to steal ATM with backhoe. He eventually had to be rescued from drowning by the officers who then arrested him.

Homeless man returns wallet with $900 inside. It's heartwarming stories like that that renew your faith in the human race. Pity it'll all be dashed to pieces again with the next story.

A college student gets a weekend in jail and an essay for skipping jury duty. That's right... students aren't allowed to get the education they're paying for because they have to serve on juries. I'm dreading the day I get called for jury duty and have to take all of my leave to miss days of work for it.

An elementary school principal concerned about immigration rallies orders a lockdown so tight that the students have to use buckets in the classrooms instead of toilets. It's a lockdown designed for a nuclear strike, so either the principal was very confused or she overreacted, probably out of fear. Sounds like everyone's making a big deal about nothing.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Bridge: Kim showed up late, so we only had four players. Dan and I did pretty well. We didn't make any games, but after they made theirs, we set them a total of 7 tricks over two contracts. I was joking about that in a 3NT contract... since I thought it was the last hand, we needed to set them by four tricks to win. And we did. It was an amazing split, as well as a contract that probably shouldn't have been bid. Then Dan jumped in with a late 3S bid and made it to seal the rubber.

Today's Work: I got the track number stuff sorted out as much as I really care to. There's one thing left that I should probably fix, but I doubt it will be important anyway. It's just probably best to have working functions, if I have functions at all.

Today's Dinner: A pound of sliced sausage, a pound of chicken, and about half a pound of cocktail shrimp in cheesy jambalaya. It was more like a hearty stew or salad with rice than jambalaya. Boy, is my stomach feeling the pressure from within!

I've put the Goblet of Fire reduction aside for a while, because I was struck by inspiration while taking my shower. Take a look at this.

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I'll probably do that whole series at once just because the books are so short and so closely related, and there's only one movie with no sequels on the way that I can foresee.