April 13th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

I'm told some of this stuff happened

A young gas thief sets himself on fire. He spilled some gas on his pants and decided to use a lighter to see how wet he was. Paging Mr. Darwin...

DaVinci Academy books the wrong Jon Stewart for their annual gala. The sad part is that they canceled the Jon Stewart who they'd booked, just because they didn't think he'd be funny. The poor guy.

So-called psychic not only steals money from old people, but he planted a fake will that gave him half of a woman's estate. Now that's the sort of thing we really need to eliminate. That and a couple claiming to have had sextuplets to get donations to help pay their bills. Obviously, if a woman is shown holding six baby outfits, she must have six babies to go in them, right?

A linguistic story as relevant to the U.S. as it is to the French, although you don't hear many complaints about this in the U.S. Rather, I don't. I know they've been made. French feminists want to eliminate the title "mademoiselle" ("miss") because it forces women to reveal their marital status. I have always found that annoying myself. Should a woman be "Miss Name" or "Mrs. Name"? And is she a "miss" or a "ma'am"? And how do I find out?

Idiot teens fling a cup of poop through a drive-through window. You know who else does that? Monkeys. Except, in this case, I think we can remove the "else".

I know some people here are familiar with aromatherapy machines. I gave bufi44 one for Christmas. And you probably know that there are some that carry multiple scented oils that can be mixed to create custom scents. Well, Japan, as always, is turning that technology to uses alongside other technologies that you probably wouldn't have expected. A Japanese movie theater is using aromatherapy machines to enhance the movie-watching experience with scents. We've seen scratch-and-sniff movies before, but there's no scratching here. Unfortunately, it'll alienate those who are allergic to the scented oils or just don't like the smells... but that's why every other theater in Japan is viewing-only. Now, when do we add the rumble feature from Matinee?

Speaking of movies, a pair of Swedish filmmakers scored a victory and a half in a suit against a TV station for airing their movies with commercial breaks. Half because one of them died less than a week before the verdict was announced. Sounds like this is something U.S. TV stations will need to be aware of when airing old movies... be sure to read up on copyright law at the time the movies were made. You never know when you'll find a clause requiring anyone who airs the movie to present the studio with a gift of a herring on a silver platter or something.