April 10th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

You can't run away from the news

A man in jail for graffiti charges graffitis up six cell blocks. Then he pleads not guilty to habitual criminal behavior. Dude... you're in JAIL. Who else is going to do it?

Maybe this was where my mail was going all that time ago... A mail carrier brought his work home because his bag was too heavy to carry and "accidentally" ended up keeping the valuables for himself.

It looks as though this guy got so tired of hearing the criminals he captured say "Oh, God" that he wanted to change his legal name to "God". Isn't going to happen. Now, go for "Godlordchristking" and you may have something there.

Repeat panty thief has to register as a sex offender. You know, with all the sex offending going on, it's amazing that the parents who don't want to live near sex offenders have any place to go anymore. Soon, we're going to have to designate an entire state just to be the place where all the sex offenders go, like they were going to go to England in Johnny English. I nominate New Jersey.

Yet another woman slips her handcuffs and drives off in a police cruiser, but this one runs out of gas before she can get away. One more argument in favor of not keeping your gas tank full. But at least she wasn't trying to escape on a horse that got too tired to continue running.

A pair of idiot Hoosiers write checks to themselves out of the township treasury in erasable ink, then rewrite the checks to look legitimate for the books. Naturally, the bank isn't going to keep records of who's getting paid how much and who's cashing the checks. Those "trustees" won't be trusted any more.

This is an interesting story by itself, but the identity of the guy it's about is probably the most interesting part. The author of Ashfield Online (also known as "?") is using this website to let people vote on what shows he watches. The real moneymaker in the scheme seems to be when people pay to override the popular vote and make him watch their choice of show, plus get a sponsorship link on his TV blog. Sounds like an interesting idea, but there's no way I'd hold up. I don't think I could survive the opening credits of The O.C., let alone the very thought of watching Trading Spouses. But he seems to enjoy My Name is Earl. Hmmm...

An Irish dressmaker declares bankruptcy and leaves her brides without their expensive prepaid wedding dresses. I'm going to point out here that if people didn't hold these ceremonies, we wouldn't have problems like these. But then, if I ever do get married (doubtful), I'll probably have to have some semblance of a wedding ceremony, because I know people would come from all over the world to be there and I'd feel bad if they were just watching me and my wife sign a marriage license. I also plan to write my own vow, for reasons that I hope will be clear to everyone who's been reading my journal. For one thing, if my feelings about a woman can be expressed in someone else's words, then they're not worth marrying her for. My feelings, my words. And I will accept no substitutions. I also plan to tear up whatever I've written when the time comes and speak from the heart, but that remains to be seen.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Bridge: We had only four people, so I got to play. I declared a 2NT with an overtrick, but the opponents worked up two games and we only had two partscores. Then I bid 5H over their 4S even though their side had the power, and perfect defense would have set us at least two, but there was no way they'd have found it. I had the singleton ace of spades, which was my main weapon.

Today's Work: Still a long way to go before I'm ready for serious testing, but it's looking good so far. To me.

Today's everything else: Didn't really have time for much else. Something's keeping me well distracted, which I like quite a bit, but it doesn't give me much to write about. More on that someday in the future, I'm sure. I think I got through the Gorillaz album, at least. If I can put up with the first song hesitating so badly that it takes about ten minutes to play, the rest isn't too bad.