April 9th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Terre Haute trip: Another good Sunday spent with sakanagai, although it was shorter than usual. We watched two more episodes of Rune Soldier (Merril's devotion to her tsubo-chan was so cute), then went to the mall. I found two more books of Chikyu Misaki and the next iD_eNTITY, and because it was buy 3, get 1 free, I bought the first book of Magical x Miracle. Then we went to Suncoast, where I found the next two DVDs of Code Lyoko and the last one of Ultra Maniac, and picked up a Marx Brothers boxed set because it was Triple Points and I wanted it. Didn't look for the second Avatar DVD, but I'll find that eventually. Probably at Wall Market sometime soon. Then we watched the first DVD of Avatar straight through... that was a fun series. Just enough cheek, humor, action, and random kissing to make a great balance and keep me interested. Have to love the slapstick too.

And then I came home and dealt with some of the oddest conversations I've ever had, at least in recent memory, which covers about today and maybe yesterday. There were some of the usual random online idiots, but I don't count those. Lunch was at Ruby Tuesday's, where the service was okay but not great. I got my soup right before the meal, and never did get my refill of root beer until she offered to give us refills to go. That worked. The buffalo chicken was way too peppery. And dinner was a spicy chicken pizza with veggies that I hate. Lunch for the next three days... mmm.

So what was it with drivers today? I hit all three of the following on the way home:
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