April 4th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

Today's News

Today's Fortune Cookie: We've all heard by now that 98% of all statistics are made up on the spot... but remember that 103% of all statistics are inflated.

Today's Sports: A 41-round spelling bee.

Today's Business: A furniture salesman makes fake porn out of his business rival.

Today's Internet: A policeman is charged with impersonating the woman who broke up with him by hacking into her Match.com profile.

Today's "Dewey Defeats Truman" moment: Amazon congratulates UCLA on beating Florida in the NCAA championship before Florida wins. Actually, it was just the subject line that had the winner named... the body of the message congratulated "(placeholder for winning team)", who were expected to make a strong showing this year but lost to the Denver team in the preliminaries.

Today's Justice: A judge was censured for comparing an assault victim's testimony to that of Jon Lovitz's pathological liar character on Saturday Night Live. There's a time to call someone a liar during a court case... it's called the verdict.

Today's Consumer Watchdog: Criminals are stealing oven doors and packaging them as flat-screen TVs for resale.

Today's Oddity: A streetlight that never goes out. The city council claims that nobody's brought the matter to their attention, but the guys who live nearby say they've called over and over. They were probably mistakenly dialing a sex line.

Today's Entertainment: Get your face featured on a McDonald's bag or cup. Forever have the phrase "I'm lovin' it" associated with you. Die of embarrassment at age 38. It's all good!

Today's Who Would Have Thought: Even cell phone users are annoyed with public cell phone use. There are simple ways to solve this dilemma....
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Bridge: I didn't end up with a king, so I actually got to play. We set a few of their contracts because our trump splits were 4-0 and 5-1. But they made one contract, and that was what broke us. Aside from that, we more than held our own.

Today's Kingdom Hearts 2: I beat another world. The various bosses pretty much cinched it as one of the most fun fighting engines I've ever seen, while what happened after I beat it makes me want to scream.

Today's classic line: I blamed Daylight Saving Time for the recent weather. People pointed out that Martin County is in the correct time zone, and I countered that whenever two conflicting zones meet, whether temperature or time, you're going to have unstable conditions. You probably had to be there.

I took the south route home today, just to see how long it would take. Considering that Tapp Road has a few more stop lights and signs than my usual route, including a light at route 37, I was impressed with how fast it was. It took about 50 minutes to get from my parking lot on base to the parking space at the condo, and about 15 more to get home from there. Comparable to my current commute, if not faster. I don't know about the route TO work from there, though... the lights might not be timed as helpfully at that time of morning as the ones I drive through. But I've checked out the route I'll take from work tomorrow, so I'll hopefully be awake early enough to get to work in time to put in five hours of work before I have to leave for the inspection.

Michelle Trachtenberg is growing up. Now I want to see her in a role where she isn't puking all the time. ^_^