March 18th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Terre Haute Trip: Pretty much the usual, except with slightly more anime. We finished Hanaukyo Maid Team, the first DVD of Yucie, and the first DVD of Rune Soldier. I also played a bit more Metroid Prime, but didn't accomplish that much. I beat it when I got home, though. Lunch was Garfield's, and dinner was more of the same, only very early. I should eat something now, but it's getting late. I expect I'll be quite hungry for breakfast tomorrow.

Today's Manga: A big goose egg. Waldenbooks had absolutely no new books in any series I collect. It was buy 4, get 1 free on all books, and I got nothing. That's sad. But Borders will have at least one new book tomorrow. (I believe they had Tenjou Tenge 6 on Tuesday.)

Today's Anime: Bottle Fairy 1, the Boys Be collector's box, and the last DVD of Scrapped Princess. Looks like there are quite a few interesting characters who will show up later on.

Today's Music: I decided to head over to Fye to look for a few albums, and indeed, they had Off the Deep End, which officially completes my Weird Al collection until he releases another new one... which I will buy THE DAY IT'S RELEASED as he recommends. I figured I might as well get a few more CDs while I was there and spending less than the average two weeks in a row. So I got an Adam Sandler CD (Stan and Judy's Kid), the eponymous Gorillaz CD, and Mike Doughty's Haughty Melodic. Mike Doughty wasn't bad, although I zoned out through the last few songs because I was thinking about my old Discworld/Slayers crossover, and Gorillaz have the same neat sound I enjoyed from Clint Eastwood in several of the songs I've listened to so far.

Boobs... they're what's for dinner.